Strongest prices at Strathalbyn for weaners

Strongest prices at Strathalbyn for weaners


THE first SA weaner sale of the season got off to a strong start at Strathalbyn on Friday with plenty of bidding support.



Yarding: 750

Steers to $7.61/kg

Heifers to $6.42/kg

THE first SA weaner sale of the season got off to a strong start at Strathalbyn on Friday with prices the best "on record" at the selling centre.

Elders Strathalbyn's Danny Reynolds said there was plenty of weight within the yarding.

"There was a very good crowd on hand to witness once again the strongest prices on-record for the Strathalbyn saleyards," he said. "The steer portion of the sale lifted by 15 cents to 30c, particularly on the lighter end, while heifers were up by five cents to 10c."

Mr Reynolds said the yarding, consisting of mainly weaners with a small portion of spring 2020-drop yearlings, was of very good quality.

"The gap between steers and heifers is closing all the time with breeders starting to really push their heifers at markets," he said.

Nutrien Strathalbyn's Ben Dickensen said the market had been strong in the past eight months, which was represented in the strength of the sale.

"We haven't had an October sale for a long-time, which shows the strength of what this market has been doing," he said.

The highest price was $2540 for 10, 479 kilogram Bull Oak Well-blood, September 2020-drop steers, offered by Ridgetop, Wistow, working out at $5.30/kg.

GN&CS Smith, Kangaroo Island, sold 12, 416kg June/July 2020-drop Angus steers at $2300 or $5.52/kg.

I Osterman & E Schofield, Woodchester, offered 12, 405kg, Pathfinder-bld October/November-drops, which made $2260 or $5.58/kg.

KL&LF Pearce, Paris Creek, had three, 414kg, April/May 2020-drop Angus, sold at $2260 or $5.46/kg.

JF&SJ Buchecker, Mount Torrens, sold eight, 392kg, February/March 2020-drops, knocked-down at $2230 or $5.69/kg.

Twelve, 230kg, March/April-drops with Tooper Angus-blds, from Misan Trust, Tooperang, made $1750 or $7.61/kg.

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With Tooper Angus-bld in demand, 12, 240kg, from Tooperang Pastoral, Mount Observation, sold at $1720 or $7.17/kg.

Hillstream Holdings, Mount Pleasant, sold five, 217kg, March/April-drop Angus, which made $1520 or $7.00/kg and another 13, sold at $1820 or $6.72/kg.

AJ&JS Parsons, Carrickalinga, sold nine, 236kg for $1630 or $6.91/kg while Hillcott Grove, Mosquito Hill, also made $6.91/kg or $1770 for 15, 256kg May/June-drop steers.

DL Trethewey, Kangaroo Island, offered eight, 214kg October 2020-drop Angus steers, which sold to $1480 or $6.92/kg. Ball Pastoral Group, Littlehampton, sold 13, 284kg Angus steers to $1900 or $6.69/kg.

Treville Farming, Kangaroo Island, sold eight, 226kg January-drop Shorthorn steers at $1500 or $6.63/kg, and another seven, 153kg steers, at $1010 or $6.60/kg

Earnie Pty Ltd, Cowell, offered 18, 273kg January/February-drop steers, which sold at $1800 or $6.59/kg.

In the heifer offering, the highest total price was $2100 for three, 475kg Bull Oak Well-bld, September 2020-drops, offered by Ridgetop, Wistow, which was $4.42/kg.

AJ&JS Parsons, Carrickalinga, offered seven, 232kg Angus-crosses, which sold at $1490 or $6.42/kg.

Pioneer Partners, Lower Light, sold nine, 214kg, March/May-drops, which made $1360 or $6.36/kg.

D Barolo, Mount Barker, sold seven, 258kg, March/April 2020-drops, Granite Ridge-bld heifers, sold at $1500 or $6.28/kg.

From Mount Torrens, CR&RM Schubert, offered eight, 274kg, which sold at $1690 or $6.17/kg.

DL Trethewey, Kangaroo Island, sold seven Angus, 280kg, October 2020-drops at $1700 or $6.07/kg.

Selling 12, 281kg heifers was Loganlee, McLaren Flat, with them making $1770 or $6.05/kg.

DK&JM Scott, Kersbrook, sold five, 266kg, knocked down at $1600 or $6.02/kg.

Hillstream Holdingsoffered six, 290kg, March/April 2021, Angus which sold at $1740 or $6.00/kg.

Arkaba Farm, Mount Barker, sold 11, 297kg, knocked-down at $1770 or $5.96/kg. Hillcott Grove, Willow Creek, offered seven, 258kg May/June-drops, which sold at $1460 or $5.66/kg.

KC&I Gladigau, Harrogate, sold 12 cows with 12 calves at-foot from an Angus bull, which made $3700.

Clayton Pastoral Co, Milang, offered six Angus heifers with seven May/August CAF, which made $2500.

The next Strathalbyn market will be on November 5.

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