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Register interests early to reduce later risks
Anthony Kelly, Mellor Olsson Lawyers
Filling in the PPSR - early - can help protect your business if the worst happens. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK
Preparing for Australia's biggest biosecurity challenges
Andrew Cox, Invasive Species Council Chief Executive Officer
HIGH STAKES: Andrew Cox with Tanya Plibersek, federal Minister for the Environment and Water, at the launch of the State of Environment Report in July 2022.
Re-think needed to fill agricultural jobs
Simon Maddocks, Ppsa Chair
Agriculture requires people with a wide range of skillsets and the industry needs to get better at selling that to potential recruits. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK
OPINION: Storm-affected EP farms open gates to growers
Brad Perry, Grain Producers Sa Ceo
ON-GOING DAMAGE: The on-farm tours took in storm-damaged cropping country at Paul Schaefer's Nalino Proprietors property at Pinkawillinie.