Riverland protections increase to stop fruit fly

Riverland protections increase to stop fruit fly


The state government is strengthening the ring of fruit fly protection around the Riverland.


THE state government is strengthening the ring of fruit fly protection around the Riverland by introducing a complete ban on host fruit and vegetables being brought in by travellers, including fruit purchased from Adelaide shops.

Primary Industries Minister David Basham said ongoing pressure from fruit fly on the borders of the Riverland and larvae found in interstate fruit sold in shops has required implementation of tougher protections.

"Coming into effect tomorrow, travellers can no longer use a receipt to bring fruit and vegetables into the Riverland that has been purchased in SA shops," he said.

"As we move closer to spring, the state government will adopt a nothing left in the locker approach to eradicating fruit fly and keeping the Riverland pest-free.

"Larvae detections in interstate fruit purchased at Adelaide supermarkets this year have proven the inspection regimes in eastern states are not robust enough to fully protect the internationally-recognised Riverland Pest Free Area.

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"We have changed the law from travellers being able to show a SA receipt to bring in fruit and vegetables that are a fruit fly risk, to a complete ban.

"Our message remains consistent, do not bring fruit or vegetables at risk from fruit fly into the Riverland."

Mr Basham said random roadblock figures this year showed about one in 10 travellers continued to flout the law and bring illegal fruit fly host material into the Riverland.

In addition to abolishing the 'bring a receipt' exemption, the state government has refined the requirements for commercial suppliers bringing fruit and vegetables into the Riverland.

Fruit fly host material grown interstate must now be treated with specific approved treatments before it can be packed and transported for sale in Riverland shops and supermarkets.

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