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Goldacres' Bordertown store opens its doors


It was a day of celebration in Bordertown on Thursday, as Australian agricultural company Goldacres opened their sprayer centre.


It was a day of celebration in Bordertown on Thursday last week, as Australian agricultural company Goldacres opened its sprayer centre.

The Bordertown premises is only the third in the country for Goldacres.

The company started in 1978, selling direct to customers, before moving to sell with local distributors.

Now, the company has decided to open its own retail spaces in Bordertown, St Arnaud, Vic, and Goomilling in WA.

Tatiara District Council mayor Graham Excell welcomed Goldacres to the district, saying the business would make a good addition to the flourishing agricultural industry.

"I believe that Tatiara is getting to a situation where we are a central hub for a big area and Goldacres moving here is just going to add to the industrial hub we are setting up" he said.

"Our industrial estate is expanding, so instead of just being a rural town we are going to have a lot of industry that will rely on rural, and have an industrial area.

"It shows confidence in the area, we've had some good seasons and there is a lot of money in the area.

"It is great that they have confidence to move into the area and sell their own product."

The new Goldacres Sprayer Centre is at 33 Western Service Road, Dukes Highway, Bordertown.

Goldacres general manager Roger Richards said the company had evolved from the humble beginnings and wanted to provide customers with the best after-sale service possible.

"The sprayers today are probably the most used piece of machinery on the farm, and it's also become one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery, which means the after sale support is so much greater than it's ever been," he said.

"What we have done is, I believe, a first in our industry as an Australian manufacturer to sell and service our products through our own dedicated dealerships with a sole focus on sprayers.

"This allows us to ensure that every sprayer sold in the area is correctly supported by the people in the know.

"We will probably get our fingers burnt along the way, and we are quickly learning that retail is a whole lot different to wholesaling, but we are putting in the people and the processes to make sure that the farmers succeed as well as ourselves.

"We thank the customers that have already made purchases, whether it's a small part of a sprayer, your ongoing support will make sure that this place will be here for many years to come."

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