Are people easing back on Merinos as wool market dips?

Are people easing back on Merinos as wool market dips?


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WITH the wool market taking a dive in recent months, severely impacting many incomes, while lamb market returns have also had a shake up.

With uncertainty about returns for fleece and sheepmeat, many producers could have been forgiven for holding back on their investment in Merino genetics.

But instead, ram sales have been going strong, while predictions are high for those looking to buy in ewes at the upcoming off-shears season.

Nutrien SA stud stock manager Gordon Wood says the ram sale season has surpassed his early expectations when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was unknown.

"We have seen very good returns for producers for more than a decade now and people can foresee a strong future in sheep and wool in Australia," he said.

Meanwhile the state's off-shears sales are beginning this week, and agents are predicting good returns of up to $300 a head for Merino ewes.

Have you reconsidered your spending on Merinos, with some of the uncertainty in the wool market?

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