Lamb prices drop at Ouyen

Lamb prices drop at Ouyen


Prices dropped even further at Ouyen Livestock Exchange in Vic on Thursday.


PRICES dropped even further at Ouyen Livestock Exchange in Vic on Thursday, with crossbred lambs $15 to $30 cheaper than the previous sale.

A total of 4752 head were offered - an increase on the 3721-head yarding at the July sale.

Suckers made from $138-$162 or $6.20-$6.80 a kilogram, while older crossbred lambs sold from $140-$170 ($5-$5.50/kg).

G&M Nicholl, Underbool, Vic, sold the top crossbred suckers - 17 at $162, while G&P Burns, Tempy, Vic, sold the 25 older crossbred lambs at $170.


J, R&J Morrish, Tiega, Vic, sold 71 crossbred sucker lambs at $157 and another 52 at $154, while DJ Kay, Ouyen, sold 58 at $156.

Waymel, Ouyen, sold 67 crossbred sucker lambs at $150 while G&R Vine, Ouyen, sold 57 at $150 and 37 older lambs at $165.

E&S Francis, Mindarie, sold 49 crossbred sucker lambs at $149; D&J Jonasson, Cowangie, Vic, sold 23 also at $149; while T&S Monaghan, Tempy, sold 28 at $149.

N&F Hamilton, Timberoo, sold 32 older crossbred lambs at $169, while CL Winslow, Underbool, sold 55 at $166.

Oakridge, Yarrara, Vic, sold 15 older crossbred lambs at $156, as did C&R Lockett, Underbool, with 59 head.

Heavy Merinos sold from $132-$149, while lighter types made $114-$132.

Heavy mutton attracted $114-$145, while light lots received $76-$110.

Dorper lambs were also offered, with P&B Ireland, Pinnaroo, selling 23 at $156; Para Group, Wentworth, NSW, sold 103 at $146; and T Inglis, Pinnaroo, sold 22 at $146.

The next Ouyen sale is scheduled for Thursday, August 20.

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