Merinos triumph in Royal displays | PHOTOS

Merinos triumph in Royal displays | PHOTOS


ROYAL REWIND: Check out the pics of Merino champions and high prices at the Royal Adelaide Show.


In a Stock Journal report about the 1925 Royal Adelaide Show, there was a comment on the Merinos, as part of the sheep judging.

This particular breed has shown marked signs of improvement during the last ten years or so and bids fair to ascend to the highest pinnacle of fame."

While there was more to the report, including a thrilling description about the close call in judging requiring an arbitrator to settle the decision, it's that comment that rings true, nearly one century later.

It is fair to say the Merino breed has gone on to the "highest pinnacle of fame", in so far as its place in the Australian agricultural landscape.

And within this gallery, there are the people who have helped put it there, by influencing the way the Merino breed has developed through the decades.

The sheep shed at the Royal Adelaide Show has been the site of some amazing highs. Have a scroll through the archives of Stock Journal and the Royal Adelaide Show and see some of them.

You can also view the RAS archives at

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