Search on for next crop of Nuffield scholars

Search on for next crop of Nuffield scholars


Applications have opened for the 2021 Nuffield Scholarship.

Nuffield CEO Jodie Redcliffe says this is a key time for proactive farmers to look for new ideas.

Nuffield CEO Jodie Redcliffe says this is a key time for proactive farmers to look for new ideas.

WITH 2020 a year that will significantly impact global economies and change agricultural markets, the call is going out for Australia's proactive agriculturalists to consider a Nuffield scholarship.

Applications opened this week for the opportunity to research important rural concepts, techniques and systems to secure the industry's future in a post COVID world.

The scholarships are valued at $30,000, for those aged 28-45, with 20 on offer for 2021.

Nuffield Australia chief executive officer and 2013 Scholar Jodie Redcliffe said although the impact of COVID-19 had led to differences in the 2021 scholarship program, it continued to present an unrivalled opportunity for emerging change-makers in the industry.

"For 70 years, Nuffield has remained committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality and valuable scholarship programs that drive industry leadership, particularly through periods of adaptation and change," she said.

"With the current changes in both domestic and international markets, tough seasonal conditions and continually shifting consumer demands, agriculture is more challenging than ever, and the future sustainability of our industry depends heavily on innovation and adaptation.

"A Nuffield Scholarship provides a platform to lead this wave of change, by giving inquiring young farmers a life-changing opportunity to take their ideas to the next level."

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Scholars undertake a global study program, researching their chosen topic across 14 weeks, with a small reduction in the group travel component from six weeks to four.

"Access to Nuffield's extensive global network is what sets this program apart," Ms Redcliffe said.

"It enables participants to learn firsthand how other farm businesses around the world are tackling issues and barriers within the sector.

"The program opens doors that expose them to divergent thinking which expands their big-picture understanding of topics.

Open to farmers, fishers, and those in associated industries, applying for a Nuffield Scholarship is done online via the Nuffield Australia website.

"We're urging all young people in agriculture to visit the Nuffield website and look into applying," Ms Redclife said.

"Many successful applicants only fine-tune their research topics as they progress through the process, so I'd encourage people to apply even if they don't yet have a firm research topic in mind.

"We continue to deliver a cooperative and collaborative learning experience through this program, and we are here to help with ideas and answer any questions along the way."

Applications are open until September 11.

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