Mt Gambier store steers reach $1880

Mt Gambier store steers reach $1880


In an unusually-large yarding for June, 2888 store cattle went under the hammer at Mount Gambier on Friday.


IN an unusually-large yarding for June, 2888 head went under the hammer at last Friday's Mount Gambier Combined Agents' monthly store cattle sale.

There was very strong competition from start to finish, from regular and northern feedlot buyers, local graziers and agents, as well as a strong presence from Upper South East agents, all pushing prices skywards.

Angus steers topped at $1880 for the second consecutive month and heifer prices increased $300 from the May high, to top at $1760.

For the third month running, COVID-19 protocols were in place and stringently adhered to, social distancing rules now becoming the norm to agents, buyers and saleyard staff and again operating smoothly, without incident.

The top dollars-per-head price of the day went to the first pen under the hammer.

Two Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme-eligible Angus steers averaging 453 kilograms sold by Ulonga, Casterton, Vic, made the sale high of $1880 or $4.15/kg to Teys Australia.

In all, Ulonga's 15 PCAS-eligible steers weighing from 314-453kg sold for an average of $1580.

Regular vendors D&N Peel, Mt Benson, sold 62 Granite Ridge-blood Angus steers, 295-403kg, for an average of $1503. Their top draft av 403kg sold at $1700 or $4.22/kg to Schubert Boers, Albury, NSW.

Birklands, Casterton, Vic, sold 20 PCAS-eligible, nine-month-old Dollar Angus-bld steers av 269kg at $1290 or $4.80/kg - the highest cents-per-kg price at Friday's sale - to Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen, Penola.

Airport West, Heywood, Vic, sold six Angus steers, av 328kg at 10mo, at $1210 or $3.69/kg to Dale Keatley, Nutrien Ag, while a second draft of nine av 261kg was bought by Spence Dix & Co at $1090 or $4.18/kg.

J&S Dwyer Moorak Vic, sold 10 Angus steers, av 449kg at 15mo, at $1860 or $4.14/kg to Elders on behalf of Nampara; and a second draft av 403kg at $1620 or $4.02/kg to Teys Australia.

Teys also bought 18 Granite Ridge-bld Angus steers av 380kg at $1600 or $4.21/kg and a second draft of 21 av 366kg at $1600 or $4.37/kg sold byJG&GK Gysbers, Kingston SE.

The Gysbers also sold nine Angus-cross steers av 411kg at $1700 or $4.14/kg and a second draft av 376kg at $1520 or $4.04/kg to Teys.

Redgums, Mt Benson, sold 68 European Union-accredited Granite Ridge-bld Angus steers, 258-292kg, for an average of $1275 - the top draft av 292kg made $1320 or $4.52/kg, all 68 going to Thomas Foods International.

Kumara SE, Mount Gambier, sold 154 Angus steers, weighing from 270-331kg at 10-12mo, to $1400, av $1322.

Their top draft av 331kg sold at $1400 or $4.23/kg to Dennis Manhood, Millicent; while a second draft av 270kg made $1250 or $4.63/kg to O'Connor & Graney, Mount Gambier.

Avenue Range graziers Patanga Pastoral sold 10 Shorthorn steers av 354kg at $1410 or $3.98/kg to Dale Keatley, who also bought their 19 Shorthorn-Charolais steers av 325kg at $1390 or $4.28/kg.

Cullenya Murray Greys, Wannon, Vic, sold nine Murray Grey steers, av 357kg at 9-10mo, at $1470 or $4.12/kg to Nutrien Ag, Casterton.

GT Trading sold 12 Hereford steers 8-10 months av 318kg at $1350 or $4.25/kg to Dale Keatley.

Heavy steers 450kg-plus sold from $3.89/kg to $4.15/kg; Angus steers from 360-450kg made $3.25-$4.37/kg; coloured steers 360-450kg made $3.65-$4.08/kg.

Angus steers 320-360kg sold from $3.24-$4.23/kg; coloured steers in the same weight range, made $3.30-$4.28/kg.

Lighter Angus steers 280-320kg sold from $3.87-$4.52/kg, while coloured steers in this weight range made from $3.50-$4.25/kg; Angus steers under 280kg sold from $3.90-$4.94/kg, coloured steers from $3.30-$3.38/kg.

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Heifers sold particularly well, with Angus heifers in high demand for joining and even smaller secondary types making very good returns.

Heavy heifers 450kg-plus sold from $3.57-$3.75/kg; 360-450kg sold from $2.55- $4/kg; 320-360kg sold from $3.17-$4.34/kg; 280-320kg sold from $3.41-$4.37/kg; and heifers under 280kg sold from $3.10-$4.18/kg.

Stratland, Meningie, sold 10 Angus-cross heifers av 469kg at $1760 or $3.75/kg and 10 Hereford heifers, av 393kg at 14mo, at $1430 or $3.64/kg to TFI, with a draft of 18 Hereford heifers, av 4671kg at 16mo, at $1680 or $3.57/kg selling to Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier.

Sheffield, Coonaplyn, sold 43 Angus heifers, 288-340kg at 8-9mo, av $1171. Their top draft av 340kg sold at $1380 or $4.06/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson, while Hardwicks bought 32 av 288kg at $1100 or $3.82/kg.

Patanga Pastoral, Avenue Range, sold 15 Charolais-Shorthorn heifers av 325kg at $1370 or $4.33/kg to Miller Whan & John on behalf of account Lindsay.

Mt Russkin, Donovans, sold 90 Angus heifers from 251-325kg for an av of $1181. The top draft av 325kg sold at $1410 or $4.34/kg to TDC.

Cows with calves at-foot sold to a high of $2250 for seven Hereford-cross first calvers with seven CAF, not rejoined, from Roselands, Heywood, Vic, to SAL Mount Gambier.

Bahgallah View, Casterton, Vic, sold 18 Hereford cows, 3-7 years-old with 18 CAF at $2100 to Dale Keatley, Nutrien Ag.

PTIC females sold $1750 for Lees & Rissman, Broadwater, Vic, for their draft of eight Angus-cross first calvers, due to calve in July, to Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier.

Miller Whan & John Mount Gambier agent Scott Miller said "bigger cattle made very good money".

"Even little black (unweighed) steers and heifers made (estimated) $4.80/kg and in excess of $5/kg," he said.

Mr Miller said the reputation of the Mount Gambier store sale had attracted vendors from all over the state and the Western District of Vic, noting that a run of cattle from Tintinara had been trucked 300 kilometres down to Mount Gambier for the sale, sold to Upper South East restockers and were heading straight back to where they came from.

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