Fodder heads to NSW farmers

Fodder heads to NSW farmers


Mount Gambier teenager Zoe Simpson has organised a hay run to drought-affected NSW farmers.


AFTER seeing how tough drought-affected farmers were doing it on the east coast, Mount Gambier teenager Zoe Simpson felt she had to do something, but wasn't sure how to help.

After chatting to father Scott, the 17-year-old thought why not see if they could get some hay together with the help of trucking mate Adam Smith, and put the call out on social media.

They started taking deliveries on Sunday, receiving 1000 big bales and 800 small bales on that first day.

"The response from the community has been overwhelming," Zoe said.

"So many volunteers and businesses are behind what we are doing."

As of yesterday (Wednesday), they had collected two-thirds of the 3000 bales pledged, or about 610 tonnes.

The Australia Day convoy departs the South East on January 23. It plans to merge with the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners along the way and arrive at Armidale, NSW, by January 25.

The group then plans to organise a run to Kangaroo Island early next month.

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