Lameroo breaks yard record with $326 pen

Lameroo breaks yard record with $326 pen


LAMEROO has set a saleyard record for the second consecutive year, selling to $326.


LAMEROO has set a saleyard record for the second consecutive year, selling to $326.

This eclipsed last year's high of $295.

The top pen was from regular sale-toppers RM&S Pocock, Lampata, Lameroo, with a line of 300, May 2018-drop, September-shorn Lines Gumhill-bloods, bought by Elders Millicent.

A second run of 200 ewes from Lampata sold at $312 to Elders Warracknabeal, Vic.

The second highest price went to PW&AC Needs & Co, Lameroo, for a run of 181 April/May 2018-drop, Lines Gumhill-blds at $314.

DK&DM Farr, Pyap West, sold 201 Ridgway-blds at $304.

JD,BM&DJ Steer, Lameroo, offered 272 Lines Gumhill-blds, which sold at $302.

GW&TL Farr, Pyap West, had 126 Gunallo and Ridgway-blds sold at $300.

Annerley Props, Geranium, offered 202 August-shorn Moorundie Park-blds, which made $296.

Ridgway Proprietors, Lameroo, sold 214 April/May/June 2018-drop, September-shorn Ridgway-blds also at $296.

Last year's sale toppers Galbraith Farms, Marama, kicked-off the sale with 265 April/May 2018-drop, August-shorn Lines Gumhill-blds, which sold for $294 to Alan Tregoweth, Lucindale, who has bought their ewes at this sale for 13 consecutive years.

GU Pftizner, Loxton, sold 104 September-shorn, Kamora Netley Park-blds at $292.

This year's blue ribbon for best presented pen, selected by Allan Piggott, Illoura, Moorlands, went to Andriske Farm, Galga.

The pen of 240 June/July 2018-drop, September-shorn Mernowie-blds sold at $288.

Williams & Co sold 46 April/May 2018-drop, July-shorn Lines Gumhill-blds at $285.

Tyringa Farming Trust, Streaky Bay, sold 364 May/June 2018-drop, Keri Keri-blds at $282.

LR Gregurke & Partners, Parrakie, sold 208 April/May 2018-drop, August-shorn Dalveen-blds at $278.

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Thiel ewes set new Pinnaroo benchmark of $342

Among the older ewes, Atlantean Group, Lameroo, sold 86 May/June 2017-drop Ridgway-blds at $180.

JD,BM&DJ Steer offered 132 April/May 2015-drop, Lines Gumhill-blds, which sold at $208.

The same vendor also offered 127, 2014-drops, which made $182.

TM&JM Hentschke offered 174 April/May 2015-drop, August-shorn Baderloo-blds, which sold at $190.

PJ Gilbertson, Parilla, sold 118 June/July 2015 and 2016-drop, Glenlea and Gunallo-blds at $184.

AJ&J Barr sold 175, 2014-drop, Woodoona-blds at $181.

Ewe lambs sold to $177 for a pen of 235, April/May-drop, woolly Ridway-blds from McNeil Bros, Kulkami.

NL&VM Singh, Alawoona, sold 392, August-shorn Lines Gumhill-blds at $172.

The wether offering was topped by a line of 544, April/May-drop, August-shorn Lines Gumhill-blds, fom Pocock Pastoral, Lameroo, bought by JBS Bordertown for $156.

The second line of 660 from the same vendor sold at $143.

McNeil Bros sold 154, April/May-drop, Ridgway-blds at $140.

CA Hampel, Nadda, sold 85, May-drop crossbred lambs at $140.

Landmark Lameroo's Simon Aldridge said the top draft sold to expectations, while some of the secondary hoggets struggled as a result of the tough seasonal conditions.

Despite the season, he said the sheep had presented well.

"It's the best quality through the yards, I've seen for a while," he said.

Elders Lameroo branch manager Jarryd Finch agreed the sale achieved expectations, with strength right through the good quality offering.

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