WA grain moving to Victoria

WA grain moving to Victoria

Barley is heading from Albany to Geelong.

Barley is heading from Albany to Geelong.


The focus has been on grain heading from WA to Queensland and NSW but shipments are also moving into Victoria as well.


GEELONG-based Riordan Grains is bringing its third consignment of grain across from Western Australia to Victoria.

Company general manager Mark Lewis said a load of malt barley was being loaded out of Albany.

"Malt barley supplies, indeed grain stocks overall, in Victoria are very tight," Mr Lewis said.

In the two previous shipments Riordan Grains had brought ASW quality wheat, barley and oats across, Mr Lewis said.

Much of the focus on the Western Australian / east coast grain trade in the past six months has focused on moving grain into the northern regions, via ports such as Brisbane and Newcastle.

However, while the 2018-19 season was better in Victoria than for northern croppers it was still well below average and strong demand from consumers has meant there is very little uncommitted grain available, leading to the need for interstate imports.

"We'd rather be buying grain locally rather than doing transcontinental shipments but grain is hard to come by in Victoria," Mr Lewis said.

He said he was unsure as to whether Riordans would import further WA grain into Victoria.

"It will depend on the season a bit and we've been fortunate in Victoria that we've had a pretty good start to the season, so that will be in end users' minds if the positive trend continues that there will be a new crop available."

He said that as a primarily grain marketing business, rather than a major end user in its own right, it was unlikely Riordan Grains would be interested in importing grain from overseas.

"That isn't something we're looking at right at this stage."

Mr Lewis did say the company could be interested in using WA as a source for its export program, which previously has been based in Victoria, where the company has loaded its own ship.

Unlike in Victoria, Mr Lewis said in WA Riordans would be happy to use the existing networks of CBH and Bunge rather than develop its own port supply chain.

"We think we could offer our international customers a similar service out of Western Australia as we can in Victoria, so we're looking at opportunities there."

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