Workshops to help boost N fixation

Workshops to help boost N fixation


FREE upcoming workshops aim to help growers get the most out of pulses and legumes.


FREE upcoming technical workshops aim to help growers get the most potential out of pulses and legumes.

Attendees will hear from leading researchers on inoculation, nodulation and nitrogen fixation of pulse crops such as chickpeas, lupins, lentils, clovers and faba beans.

SARDI researchers Liz Farquharson and Ross Ballard and independent consultant Maarten Ryder will be sharing their insights on getting the best results from inoculation, dry sowing and acid tolerance challenges, and optimising nodulation.

In addition, a local adviser will be presenting region-specific information relating to optimising crop growth to maximise pulse production, including chemical inputs, disease management, fertiliser, soil types and constraints.

Growers are asked to bring plants for an assessment to see how crops may be fixing N or learn about boosting N fixation.

All participants will receive copies of Inoculating Legumes: A Practical Guide and Inoculating legumes: The Back Pocket Guide.

The three GRDC workshops held in SA:

  • Monday, June 17 - Gateway Hotel, Kimba from 3pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, June 18 - Cummins Bowling Club from 9am-1pm (lunch supplied)
  • Monday, June 24 - SARDI meeting room, Waite Campus, Adelaide from 9am-1pm (lunch supplied)

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