Mt Gambier cattle catch feedlot interest

Mt Gambier cattle catch feedlot interest


NUMBERS jumped from the expected yarding of 1650 to about 2700 at Friday's Mount Gambier store sale.


NUMBERS jumped from the expected yarding of 1650 to about 2700 at Friday's Mount Gambier store sale.

Despite the extra numbers, prices were mostly positive, especially for older steers and heifers, according to Southern Australian Livestock's Ian Flett.

He said feedlotters were particularly active, with much of the buying interest outside the South East.

Mr Flett said some cattle sold at Friday's sale would normally be retained and sold in spring.

"Anything (vendors) can get reasonable money for, which they are at the moment, they're selling," he said.

Corinda Downs, Ming Bool, sold 16 Simmental-Angus steers, eight-months-old to 10mo, 358 kilograms, for $1190 or $3.32/kg.

MS Bowyer, Millicent, sold 17 Pasturefed Assurance Certification System-eligible Angus-cross steers, 355 kilograms, for $1040 or $3.21/kg.

G&D Dobbe, Dartmoor, Vic, had a large run, which included 10 Nampara and Weeran-blood, PCAS Angus steers, 437kg, sold at $1390 or $3.18/kg, and a further 10, 424kg, at $1320, or $3.11/kg.

The same vendor offered seven Simmental-Angus steers, 384kg, which sold at $1180 or $3.07.

Ansta Park, Mount Schank, had 22 Te Mania and Boonaroo-bld Angus steers, 288kg, which sold at $910 or $3.16/kg.

Riverside Partnership, Drik Drik, Vic, sold 23 PCAS, 12-14mo Pathfinder and Granite Ridge-bld Angus-cross steers, 418kg, at $1310 or $3.13/kg.

MB Tilley, Port MacDonnell, sold 11, 12-14mo Angus steers, 394kg, at $1225 or $3.11/kg.

Greenwald East, Mount Gambier, sold 15 Banquet-bld 418kg Angus steers at $1300 or $3.11/kg, with a second run of 23, 366kg, for $1120 or $3.06/kg.

In the smaller cattle, J Bowd, Strathdownie, Vic, sold 16 August/September-drop, European Union-accredited Angus steers, 279kg, at $865 or $3.10/kg.

Broadwater Farm, Canunda, sold 13 PCAS Angus steers, 290kg, at $890 or $3.06/kg. Gralan, Mount Gambier, sold 13 Angus steers at 302kg for $930 or $3.08/kg, while a pen of 12, 378kg, sold at $850 or $3.06/kg.

Illuka, Beachport, sold 17 Hereford steers, 274kg at $830 or $3.03/kg. Shiloh Park, Compton, sold 13 PCAS Hereford steers, 377kg, at $1130 or $2.99/kg.

Bellco, Wallacedale, Vic, offered 21 Angus steers, 287kg, which sold at $880 or $3.06/kg, while a run of 28, 331kg steers sold at $1000 or $3.02/kg.

Among the heavier selection, Greenwald East sold five Banquet-bld Angus steers, 431kg, at $1250 or $2.90/kg; Sarnia Estate, Mount Gambier, with five, 8-10mo Angus, 481kg, at $1350 or $2.81/kg; G&S Hosking, Moorak, with five Shorthorn-crosses, 509kg, for $1330 or $2.61/kg.

Greenview, Heywood, Vic, sold five Red Angus-Hereford steers, 481kg, for $1310 or $2.72/kg and five Angus-cross steers, 537kg, at $1400 or $2.61/kg.

Heifers reached a high of $2.81 a kilogram at Mount Gambier on Friday, paid for a pen of 22, 12-month-old Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme-eligible Glatz-blood Angus, 367kg, offered by Griffin Pastoral Co, Biscuit Flat, which sold at $1030. A second run of 16, 299kg, sold at $800 or $2.67/kg.

A pen of 21 PCAS Nampara-blds from Morella, Mount Gambier, 381kg, sold at $1040 or $2.73/kg.

Stillwater Pastoral, Millicent, sold 21 European Union-accredited Angus heifers, 369kg, at $1020 or $2.76/kg.

Iluka sold 23 Angus-cross, 260kg, for $720 or $2.77/kg.

Kent Properties, Canunda, had a run of 23 Simmental-Limousin yearlings, 348kg, which sold at $935 or $2.68/kg, with a second run of 19, 301kg, sold at $785 or $2.61/kg.

Mountview Estate, Mount Gambier, sold 13 Angus cows with 13 calves at-foot for $1770.

Rangeview, Drik Drik, sold 18 Angus third-calvers, with 19CAF, rejoined to a Boonaroo bull, for $1460.

Kolora Pastoral, Mount Gambier, sold 34 Angus cows with 34 Limousin-cross CAF at $1300.


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