Carpe Diem shines light on rural issue

John Wood play Carpe Diem shines light on rural issue


Comedic play Carpe Diem shines a light on stigmatised mental health issues in the community.


A PLAY travelling across rural SA is shining a light on some of the issues facing country Australia.

Carpe Diem is a contemporary comedic play, portraying Australian males dealing with issues surrounding health, grief, loss and depression. 

The production is set in a fictional inland Australian town and follows the friendship of hard-working farmer Nev and his stock agent friend John. 

Carpe Diem aims to shine a light on important stigmatised mental health issues that impact many members of the community and their ability to function and work.

Written by playwright Megan Rigoni, the play was first inspired by the experiences of people she knows. 

Carpe Diem leading actor John Wood said it was too common for Australians to bury their feelings. 

“It’s a very Australian thing to feel that (mental health) is none of our business, but men need to ask the questions and not ignore their apparent depression or inner pain,” he said.

Lifeline Albury general manager and actor Chris Pidd said the play would help to break down the stigma of seeking support from the community.

“This play depicts so beautifully how two mates can help each other in times of need,” he said. 

“This compelling story will help break down the stigma of seeking support early when life gets tough.”

Carpe Diem will be shown at the Brinkworth Soldiers Memorial Hall tonight and the Keith Institute tomorrow night, after already showing at Cleve, Quorn and Port Pirie.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. 


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