Mid North Merinos shine at Burra Expo | PHOTOS

Burra Merino Expo showcases top SA genetics | PHOTOS


Merino studs from across the state put their best sheep on show for day two of the Elders SA Stud Merino Expo.


BUOYANT prices for both sheepmeat and wool lent a sense of positivity to the Elders SA Stud Merino Expo, held in the Mid North.

Studs from across SA showed off their best sires to returning and potential clients, which came from as far as interstate, and even across the ditch in New Zealand.

There was particularly strong interest from breeders from WA.

Studmasters reported a steady stream of visitors throughout both days.

Some studs had rams on offer for private selection, with several sales taking place, while other clients took the chance to bookmark genetics ahead of the spring sales.

Day two of the expo took place at the Burra Oval with 27 Merino stud breeders from across the state participating in the display.


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