Heifers make to $1132 at Naracoorte

Naracoorte heifer sale makes to $1132

Princess Royal's Luke Bavistock and Jack Rowe were buying at Naracoorte.

Princess Royal's Luke Bavistock and Jack Rowe were buying at Naracoorte.


The Naracoorte Weaner Heifer Sale on Friday, December 11, yarded 3035 head with a top price of $1132 achieved.


The Naracoorte Weaner Heifer Sale on Friday, December 11, yarded 3035 head with a top price of $1132 achieved.

Heifers weighing 350-400kg made from $2.70 to $3.00/kg; 300-350kg $2.70 to $3.25/kg; under 300kg $2.90 to $3.30/kg

Large lines of exceptional quality heifers left buyers spoilt for choice.  

Predominantly European Union and/or Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme accredited, the heifer yarding showed great weight for age, with buyers paying a premium for EU and/or PCAS Simmental cross heifers for breeding or to place on feed.

The sale kicked off with Elders opting to sell cents per kilo then reverting to dollars per head later through their run, each agent choosing to sell either $/head or c/kilo.

DE&WLC Lawrie, Bloomfield, sold their entire drop of yard weaned May/June 2015 drop Woonallee, Waterfront and Wrattenbullie blood Simmental cross heifers, Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme accredited, topping the sale, cents per kilo, with $3.30/kg or $908.50 for a draft of 16 av 275.3kg. The Lawrie family’s top draft of heifers, with weights av 325.8kg, was bought by Spence Dix & Co at $3.18/kg or $1036.

Johnson Livestock, Ross Plains and Conmurra, sold 91 Waterfront, Woonallee, Coolana and Stoney Point blood Simmental/Hereford and Angus/Simmental heifers, February/March drop, PCAS and European Union accredited, returning an average of $918 or $3.08/kg, weights between 273-385kg and an average weight of 304kg.  Their pen of 9 Angus/Simmental heifers, av 385kg achieved top $/head sale price at $1,132 or $2.94/kg selling to Thomas Foods International.

WV James & Son, Cooranga sold a total of 270 Angus and Angus cross heifers, EU accredited, March/April 2015 drop, returning an average of $936 or $3.15/kg with weights between 265-359kg, and with an average weight of 303kg.  Spence Dix & Co, Keith, paid top price of $1,042 or $3.29/kg for a draft of 23 Angus heifers av 316.7kg.

Spence Dix & Co bought two-thirds of the Cooranga heifers, paying an average of $968.50.

LS Johnson & Son, Springbank, sold 123 Waterfront, Woonallee and Lancaster blood, February/March 2015 drop Simmental/Angus/Hereford heifers, yard weaned PCAS and EU Accredited for an average of $885 or $3.03/kg.  Scott Creek, Ray White Keatley Livestock, Mt Gambier, paid top price for 9 Springbank heifers av 335kg at $3.11 or $1,042.

Princess Royal, Burra bought 48 heifers including 13 Hidden Valley blood Angus heifers, March 2015 drop, PCAS accredited, av 393kg at $2.80/kg or $1,100.40 a/d Weg Collins and 18 Pathfinder blood weaned Angus heifers, March 2015 drop PCAS and EU accredited, av 343kg at $2.95/kg or $1011.85 a/c Laneville.

Stuart Hann, Nampara, Biscuit Flat bought a good line of 152 heifers, including 29 March 2015 drop Granite Ridge and Hazeldean blood Angus heifers, PCAS accredited, yard weaned av 336kg at $3/kg or $1,008 a/c V&L Munro and 16 Glaetz Black Angus blood Angus heifers, EU and PCAS accredited, February/March 2015 drop av 337.8kg at $3/kg or $1,013.40 a/c Prairie Glen. 

Regular supporters of the December weaner sales, NR&CE Elliott sold 14 Raven and Gommers blood Red Angus cross heifers, March/April drop yard weaned, EU and PCAS accredited av 323.9kg at $3/kg or $971.70 and 6 Red Angus av 265.8kg at $3/kg or $797.40 both selling to Garrison Feedlot, Swan Hill, Vic.

Garrison Feedlot bought a total of 232 head at an average of $910, including 24 Charolais/Murray Grey heifers av 329.6kg March/April drop, weaned EU and PCAS accredited at $305/kg or $1.005.28  and a second draft of 29 av 280kg at $3.19/kg or $893.20 a/c Caulfield Parnters Glenburnie.

Nareen Station, Coleraine, Vic sold 91 Hereford cross and Angus cross heifers, PCAS and EU accredited. There were 53 September 2014 drop heifers that sold for an average of $993, the top draft of 26 av 343.3kg sold to a top at $1040.20 or $3.03/kg, while  38 weaned March/April drop heifers averaged $880. The top draft of 18, av 306kg, sold at $881.50 or $2.88/kg.

Hillcrest Pastoral Co sold 294 weaned Granite Ridge, Stoney Point and Hazeldean blood Angus heifers EU and PCAS accredited March/April drop for an average of $770.26, the top draft av 265kg at $875 or $3.30/kg to Spence Dix & Co.

SA&GE Smith Lakala, sold 90 weaned Angus heifers EU and PCAS accredited, March/April drop, for an average of $997, the top draft av 351.9kg at $3.02/kg or $1062.74.

Robyn Hills sold 67 Sterita Park, Coorong Designer and Coolana blood Angus heifers for an average of $968, the top draft av 359.7kg at $2.85/kg or $1,025.15 to Nampara.

P&K Bryson sold 20 Coolana and Stoney Point blood Angus heifers EU and PCAS accredited February/March drop av 361kg at $2.95/kg or $!,065 to Nampara  and a second draft of av 282kg at $3.03 or $855 for an average of $978.

JL Stock sold 20 Simmental/Hereford heifers av 310.8kg at $3.21/kg or $997.60 to Keatley Livestock, Mt Gambier.


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