Regional voices deserve party that wants to represent

Elizabeth Anderson
By Elizabeth Anderson
April 24 2022 - 12:56am

IT FEELS like deja-vu as we gear up to decide the next federal government.

For us in SA, we are still adapting after the state changeover but have already been thrust back into election mode.



Once again we have industry coming out with wishlists, we have politicians trotting out cliched phrases and actions and while news coverage includes the latest "gaffe" of various candidates.

And yes, we are once again asking for your input into the big issues of this election. Have your say in the poll.

Another thing feels familiar.

Which came first - Labor acting like there are no votes in regional Australia, or regional Australia feeling neglected by Labor?

While the election has been looming for months, we've only just had the announcement of the Labor candidates in Grey and Barker - the state's two largest electorates.

And the person vying to lead agriculture nationally for Labor - Julie Collins - came to a political debate with a lot of "to be announced" policies.

This is someone who has been in the opposition role since January 2021 - surely they should have had some time to think?

In the state election those solid Liberal seats that almost got overturned, it was not by Labor but by Independents.

In part, this is because the Independents are offering a viable alternative to any regional person who might not want to vote for the Coalition, for whatever reason.

If Labor wants to show they care about regional Australia, they can start by looking like they want regional votes.

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Elizabeth Anderson

Editor of Stock Journal.

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