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LPG benefits for the agriculture industry

LPG benefits for the agriculture industry

This is a commercial collaboration with Elgas.

As the transition to renewable energy ramps up, agricultural and other energy-intensive industries have been left predominantly reliant on traditional power sources.

Through no fault of their own, and primarily due to supply-side issues, much of the industry has high emissions attached to their energy use. With the possibility of further government regulations and international carbon tariffs, alternatives are being sought.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) may be one of these cleaner options and will be a crucial part of Australia's energy mix for many years to come.

LPG will be a crucial part of Australia's energy mix for years to come.

In Australia, a leading distributor of LPG is Elgas, a trusted and long-standing supplier. It delivers a cleaner, lower carbon and more efficient fuel for homes and large-scale industry. Perfectly suited for rural and agricultural regions that are off-grid.

The company is committed to working closely with industry and government to deliver high energy efficiency and help their customers transition to a low emissions future. These efforts are all part of the Elgas Sustainability Goals.

LPG can support the transition to cleaner energy by delivering emissions reductions of up to 50 per cent for coal users and other heavy carbon-emitting fuels such as fuel oil and diesel.

Seen as a cleaner and more efficient option, LPG produces 45 per cent less and 99 per cent less pollutants than diesel. Also unlike diesel, LPG does not deteriorate in tanks and doesn't require water to be drained from the bottom of tanks over time.

There is security and stability with LPG, and Elgas is a substantial contributor of this supply to households and businesses. The company owns and operates the largest LPG storage facility in Australia.

As we've shown, there are plenty of benefits to using LPG. These benefits have been identified and optimised by the leading players of the agriculture industry.

In practical terms, LPG is easy to store, portable, and accessible. Its possibilities in the agriculture industry are almost endless.

Widely used on dairy farms, LPG instantaneous hot water systems save farmers' money. There's no need for constant power, and it helps decrease heat loss from when the water is being stored.

It's also commonly used to fuel grain drying systems, power flame weeders, and heat poultry sheds, and greenhouses.

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