High quality produce from throughout SA a seasonal gift

Elizabeth Anderson
By Elizabeth Anderson
Updated December 26 2021 - 9:31pm, first published December 25 2021 - 4:45am

IT'S a conversation topic that seems to come up every year about this time - what constitutes a traditional Aussie Christmas?

There is no one answer for that.

Growing up, we were very much ham and turkey people. I know others who prefer pork.



Living 500 kilometres from the nearest coast, prawns were a later addition, and I still haven't come around to the crayfish/rock lobster way of thinking.

But I never questioned that cherries were a Christmas food until I spent Christmas in the northern hemisphere and realised that - of course - they're only ripe at Christmas time in the southern hemisphere.

Something else my time overseas brought home to me was how much I had taken in the message of supporting local producers.

It was just while I was in a supermarket in London, holding a packet of "fresh vegetables" from Kenya, that it really sunk in how lucky we are.

Australian produce is sent throughout the world - even moreso with the signing of the new Free Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom - but we are incredibly privileged to have so much quality produce on our doorstep or coastlines.


Every day there are thousands of people across SA working to make sure the best quality possible is what is making it to tables not only throughout the state but the rest of Australia and the world.

Again, this is with the caveat that not everyone has access to this fresh produce.

Statistics show that each month, more people in SA require food relief than there is support available.

While it is upsetting to think there are people going without when we have so much quality produce available, it's also heartwarming to hear about those people for whom the "season of giving" is year-round.

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Elizabeth Anderson

Editor of Stock Journal.

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