Is fertiliser on your agenda yet?

Is fertiliser on your agenda yet?


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WHILE prices on grains at harvest have been hitting some high levels in recent months, so have the costs of inputs ahead of next year's season.

With China stopping the export of urea, there have been some warnings that supplies may be more difficult to obtain.

There has also been talk of prices increasing four times throughout 2021.

Rabobank senior agricultural analyst Wes Lefroy says while he does not expect urea to be impossible to find, it was likely to be more expensive.


"We could see short-term regional shortages as farmers and retailers wait for supplies to arrive, but at this stage there is nothing more systematic than that," he said.

"There has been some international commentary on world urea fertiliser stocks being fairly tight, but equally we've seen one of the most recent tenders from India was over-subscribed by urea manufacturers which isn't likely to happen if there are no stocks about."

He said the biggest test will be from February.

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