Our People section tells tales of inspiration | PHOTOS

Our People section tells tales of inspiration | PHOTOS

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Take a look back through a gallery of those who have featured in Stock Journal's Our People section in 2021.


SA's regions are very much built on agriculture, but even before that, at their core are the people who call our rural areas home.

The people who frequented the Our People section of Stock Journal this year have been nothing short of phenomenal, and us journos have felt privileged to share their stories.

We've chatted with retirees who have notched up decades of experience in their respective industries, who time and time again have cited their colleagues and the people they have met as the highlights of their careers.

We've talked to award winners who are trailblazers in their fields, some being recognised for tireless efforts across a lengthy time, and other young up and comers with the world at their feet and dreams they are managing to turn into realities.

With COVID-19 hanging around for far longer than most of us expected, this year once again showed the ability of our rural people to harness their creativity to turn tricky situations into new and exciting business ventures.


And hats off to those businesses who have - brace yourselves for one of the most overused words of the past 18 months - 'pivoted' in 2021, changing up their existing businesses in order to keep on thriving through the pandemic.

For some urban folk, the 2019-20 summer bushfires may seem like a distant memory, but we're all too aware that the rebuild is very much a work in progress in fire-affected areas, and we've been impressed with the vast array of fire recovery initiatives and fundraising efforts that have been run in order to help out those who have needed it most.

Everyone's story is worth telling, and we've enjoyed shedding a light on a handful of impressive rural SA folk.

Have a look through our gallery above to see all the people who have featured on the front page of the Our People section this year. Thanks to all those who have been willing to tell their story with us, and e look forward to sharing plenty more incredible stories in 2022.

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