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RECS sets the new benchmark in rapid produce cooling

COOL: RECS Australia's managing director Daniel Caruso inspecting a cooling trial on grapes which went from a core temperature of 37°C down to just 7°C in 13 minutes.

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RECS (Rapid Express Cooling System) is the latest innovation in rapid produce cooling.

The constant challenge faced by many producers harvesting in the warmer months is cooling the produce to optimal temperature fast enough to keep the quality of the product to a premium when picked and stored.

When temperatures reach 30°C - 40°C and above, produce still needs to be harvested and in these temperatures require quicker processing due to increased rate of ripening.

This is where RECS comes in.

Developed by CoolFresh Solutions, RECS is fully automated multi-stage tunnel cooler designed to overcome the hot harvest challenge by rapidly cooling produce to optimal internal temperature and substantially slowing down the ripening process reducing product deterioration and increasing shelf life without compromising produce integrity.

This is critical to growers to maintain quality and value for their products as well as to satisfy wholesale and supermarket demands.

Aussie built 

DESIGNED and manufactured in Australia, RECS has been put through its paces with rigorous testing of many different temperatures, conditions and product types including table grapes, wine grapes, tomatoes and is particularly good at cooling premium and delicate produce such as berries that require gentle handling and known for being very temperature sensitive.

STATS: This graph shows the cooling times as achieved in tests on wine grapes.

RECS is capable of cooling bunches of grapes with a core temperature of 37°C down to a core temperature of just 7°C in a matter of 13 minutes, at a rate more than 3 tonnes per hour.

Comparatively this fruit would require a minimum of 24 - 48 hours to be chilled to the same temperature using traditional refrigeration methods.

This is vital for growers as on average every hour gained in the cooling process will generally extend the shelf life of the product by 24 hours.

EFFECT: RECS test have shown impressive cooling for tomatoes.

RECS achieves these optimal results by allowing highly calibrated custom control of variables, such as input and output tonnage parameters, product temperature range, airflow, fan speed and conveyor speed.

These, and many more features play a critical role in the efficiency of rapidly cooling produce and ensuring an extended shelf life.

Fully customisable 

ONE of the additional benefits that RECS Australia provides is that it can be completely custom built to a product type, facility, and cooling requirements and can even be built as a 100 per cent portable standalone piece of equipment or be combined to operate in conjunction with an existing process line.

RECS Australia's managing director Daniel Caruso is extremely proud and excited of the achievements with RECS.

PORTABLE: RECS can be custom built to a product type, facility, and cooling requirements and even be built as a portable standalone piece of equipment.

"The design flexibility coupled with the efficiency and product gains that RECS provides is incomparable to any other equipment on the market and we believe that RECS is the new industry benchmark," Mr Caruso said.

The rapid cooling performance that RECS achieves significantly outperforms traditional produce cooling methods and assists growers and wholesalers to satisfy demand substantially quicker by improving processing logistics and maintaining a higher quality product.

For more information and to discover the customisation options, application uses, features and capabilities that it RECS provides visit or call (08) 8266 9011.

This is branded content for RECS Australia.