Strath store record breaks at $8.45/kg

Strathalbyn store record breaks at $8.45/kg


A SALEYARD record was yet again broken at Strathalbyn's feature cattle sale on Friday, when prices for steers broke $8.45 a kilogram.



Yarding: 650

Steers to $8.45/kg

Heifers to $6.97/kg

A SALEYARD record was yet again broken at Strathalbyn's feature cattle sale on Friday, when prices for steers broke $8.45 a kilogram.

Jalacase Investments, Mylor, offered 10, May/April 2021-drop Murray Grey steers, 201kg, to a top of $1700 or $8.45/kg.

Elders Strathalbyn's Danny Reynolds said to summarise the sale was simple.

"Dear as poison," he said.

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"In line with the Eastern state sales, we had light calves hit $8/kg, a Strathalbyn saleyard record broken again.

"Last month we hit $7.60/kg, this month we have done it again with $8/kg."

Three River, offered 16 Angus steers, 208kg, which sold to $1700 or $8.22/kg, while Tooperang Pastoral, Mount Observation, made $1900 or $7.95/kg for 24 Tooperang Angus-blood, April/May 2021, 239kg.

There was a top-price of $2420 or $5.26/kg for one, 460kg, MLH&C South, Point Sturt, November 2020, Angus steer, and another run of four February/March 2021 drop, 352kg at $2150 or $6.11/kg.

The second highest price was $2330 or $5.32/kg for five Shoal Point Enterprises, Kimba, August 2020, Hereford Steers, 438kg.

GG Cant & Sons, Cleve, sold 5 Santa-Red Poll cross , November 2020 to January 2021 drop, steers, 362kg at $2140 or $5.91/kg.

Offering 12, 366kg August/September 2020 vendor bred Angus steers is FD'Antonio, Middleton, making $2110 or $5.77/kg.

BG Camens & Son, Charleston, made $2060 or $5.30 on seven 389kg Murray Grey steers, while Mannavale, Woodside, made $2050 or $5.37/kg on seven 382kg Angus steers.

A line of 13 February/March 2021-drop Angus steers, 338kg, made AE&DW Ellis, Strathalbyn, $2020 or $5.98/kg.

Also making $5.98/kg or $1990 is five 333kg January/March 2021, Murray Grey-Hereford cross, from BL,CA&BB Stringer, Arno Bay.

G&R Pitt, Ashbourne, made $1980 or $6.00/kg on 6 January/February 2021-drop, 330kg Angus steers, while Goodwin Orchards, Woodside, made $1970 or $5.73 on 10, 344kg September/October 2020, Poll Hereford steers.

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Topping the heifer offering per kilogram at Strathalbyn on Friday was Jalacase Investments, Mylor, who sold 14 March/April 2021-drop, 211kg, Murray Grey heifers to $1470 or $6.97/kg.

A run of four October 2020-drop, 419kg, Angus heifers offered by G&R Pitt, Ashbourne, sold at $2230 or $5.32/kg.

Shoal Point Enterprises, sold three 422kg, August 2020, Angus-Hereford cross heifers at $2140 or $5.07/kg.

A run of nine, 353kg, October/November 2020, Angus heifers offered by Arkaba Farm, Mount Barker, made $2070 or $5.86/kg.

AH&JL McDonald, Roseworthy, offered eight 20-month old, 503kg, Santa-cross heifers which had been running with an Angus bull, sold at $2360.

While Zibell Pty Ltd, Kimba, offered 13 Hereford cows, 705kg, which ranged between 2011 drop and 2018 drop, with 13 June/July 2021 calves-at-foot, 174kg which sold at $3380.

The next Strathalbyn sale will be December 3, followed by a sale on December 17.

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