All breed goat showdown draws crowd

All breed goat showdown draws crowd


The SA all breeds goat showdown attracted hundreds of spectators on Saturday at Mount Pleasant where many entrants competed across seven rings.


The first-ever SA all breeds goat showdown attracted hundreds of spectators on Saturday at Mount Pleasant where many entrants competed across seven rings.

Rosalie Skipper, Blanchetown, won the all-breeds champion with her Saanen, Glenforslan Keeko, after it took out the senior grand champion title earlier in the day.

Judge Lynn Carter, Lynndon Grove Angora Stud, Moonta, said it was a close call for the overall winner but it won because of its size and overall milk capacity.

"She has been a very highly decorated doe wherever she has been and is worthy of her accolades," she said.

The SA all breeds goat showdown featured Saanens, Anglo Nubians, British Alpines, Toggenburgs, Boers, Kalahari Reds, Angoras, Pygmys and Australian Miniature goats, with this the first time an event like this had been held - in part due to the cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show.

The event brought together commercial operators and hobbyists within the goat industry.

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Event coordinator Megan Miller said working together with all groups and sectors benefited everyone greatly and represented SA proudly.

"The atmosphere was incredibly positive and those involved look forward to growing the event for next year," she said.

"Entrants were deeply appreciative of the generous sponsorship and support offered with a consensus from those involved that there are so many opportunities for goats to be profitable in so many different ways throughout the state, nationally and internationally.

"It is clear from activities throughout the day, one of the best pathways to achieve success is by helping each other to create links, relationships, opportunities, educate and encourage each other."

Ms Miller said the Australian Miniature goat and Pygmy goat section had the most interest from the crowd.

Among the other prize winners of the day was Pigmy goat, Mallee Rise Falcon, exhibited by Julie Krop, Black Hill, which took out the champion kid buck in show title, while Boer goat Balmarden S46 Sally, shown by Cathy Evans and Michael Leopardi, Tailem Bend, won champion kid doe in show.

Ms Evans and Mr Leopardi also won the champion junior in show ribbon with Boer goat Balmarden Rana R10.

Exhibits shine in own classes

With plenty of breeds on display, there were quite a few ribbons handed out throughout the day.

In the Sanaan judging, Rosalie Skipper, Blanchetown, picked up junior grand champion title for Glenforslan Limelight and champion kid title for Glenforslan Delightful, as well as best Sanaan exhibit for Glenforslan Keeko.

Grand champion Boer went to Balmarden P56 Pebbles, from Cathy Evans and Michael Leopardi, Tailem Bend, who also exhibited the champion Boer doe and claimed all the commercial Boer classes. John Fuller, Georgall Boers, Western Flat, exhibited champion Boer buck Georgall Boers 360.

In the Pygmy goats, Julie Krop, Black Hill, won the champion kid buck, best pygmy kid in show, and best of breed in show with Mallee Rise Falcon.

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She also exhibited champion kid doe Mallee Rise Sugarplum, and the champion junior doe and best pygmy junior in show with Bucko So Stella.

Amy Eatts, Lameroo, took out the champion senior doe in the Pygmys and best of breed with Capricorn Ridge Silver Poplin.

In the Australian Miniature goats, Jimmy and Deanne Rundle, Pinkington Plains, had an almost clean sweep, winning champion kid buck with Benclue Fugitive; champion junior doe and best junior in show with Benclue Duchess; champion senior doe, best adult in show, best of breed and supreme Australian Miniature Goat exhibit in show with Benclue Alaska.

Ms Eatts did halt this sweep, after Kidunot Harlow claimed the best Australian Miniature kid in show and champion kid doe.

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