Lameroo offshears hits $385 | PHOTOS

Lameroo offshears hits $385 | PHOTOS


It was another year and another record at annual Lameroo offshears sale on Friday last week, with the top price of $385 breaking the saleyard record once more, eclipsing last year's top price of $340.



Yarding: 14, 800

1.5yo ewes to $385

2.5yo ewes to $315

3.5yo ewes to $365

4.5yo ewes to $295

5.5yo ewes to $235

6.5yo ewes to $200

Lambs to $225

It was another year and another record at annual Lameroo offshears sale on Friday last week, with the top price of $385 breaking the saleyard record once more, eclipsing last year's top price of $340.

The sale was topped by repeat local vendors RM&S Pocock, Lampata, Lameroo, for 380 September-shorn, May/June 2020-drop Lampata-bloods. Of these, 200 were knocked down to Bernard and Simone Lindsay, Prospects Rural, Lah, Vic, 100 to Peter King, JPA Kingsmere, Lah, Vic, and 80 knocked down to Trevor and Leanne Robinson, Ashfield Villa, Warracknabeal, all bidding online using on AuctionsPlus.

The Pococks are no strangers to topping the offshears sale, having made the highest price a number of times before, most recently in 2019 for a pen of 1.5-year-old ewes which made $326.

Lampata's Bruce and Robert Pocock said it was pleasing to be able to present the sheep in such good condition, especially considering the tough season this year in the Mallee.

"We've had decile one rainfall here this year, but we're really happy with how the sheep have come up," Bruce said.

The Pococks said the stud was aiming to produce true dual-purpose Merinos, with Australian Sheep Breeding Values in the top 10 per cent for most traits.

The sale-topping pen was also named Best Presented Pen, taking out the title for a second time, 18 years since the award's inaugural year at Lameroo in 2003.

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"We're presenting a type of sheep that is very suitable across a wide area, and we are here to service our clients rather than win the award, but (the award) certainly helps to validate what we've been doing," Robert said.

The Pococks also sold 133 of the same drop which made $290, secured by Kathawarra Nominees, Coonalpyn.

Also making impressive prices in the ewe hoggets was GU Pfitzner, Wanbi who sold 185 March/April 2020-drop Sandalwood Poll Merino/Hilton Heath-blds at $350, with that price also made for 209 Dalveen-blds of the same drop offered by LR Gregurke and Partners, Parrakie.

The Gregurkes also made $250 for 206, 4.5yo ewes secured by Elders Millicent, while 190 April/May 2021-drop ewe lambs fetched $192, knocked down to Elders Millicent.

Pyap West's DK&DM Farr sold 233 April/May 2020-drop Ridgway Advance/Gunallo-blds at $334, with their neighbours GW&TL Farr not far behind, making $332 for 110 Glenlea Park/Gunallo-blds of the same drop, and $298 for another 42 of the same drop.

PW&AC Needs and Co, Lameroo, sold 251, 1.5yo Lines Gum Hill-blds at $325, and 102, 2.5-4.5yo at $220.

West Coast vendor Tyringa Farming Trust, Streaky Bay, sold a large run of 583 May/June 2020-drop Keri Keri-blds, with 400 of them making $298 and the remaining 183 making $284.

Andriske Farms, Galga, made $322 for 384 June/July 2020-drop Mernowie-blds, while Annerley Props, Geranium, had 189 May/June 2020-drop Moorundie Park-blds knocked down at $315.

A consignment of 312, 1.5yo Lines Gum Hill-blds offered by JD, BM&DJ Steer, Lameroo, were sold at $310, with PD&DF Colwill, Parilla, not far behind, making $300 for 180, 1.5yo Glenlea Park-blds. The same price was made by RJ Wittwer, Karoonda, for 100 Woodoona-blds of the same drop.

The complete dispersal of Flohr & Co, Lameroo was met with heated bidding battles, with 875 April/May 2020-drop Lines Gum Hill-blds attracting excellent interest. Of these, 400 made $340, 200 made $330, 131 made $315, and 144 made $305.

Flohr & Co also offered a large consignment of older ewes, selling 393, 2.5yo at $315, 76, 3.5yo at $365, 297, 4.5yo at $295 and 162, 5.5yo at $225.

The vendor was one of two complete dispersals at the sale, with Clemara Trading, Karoonda, the other, offering a total of 1346 ewes. They made $315 for 335 April/May 2020-drop Lines Gum Hill-blds, $300 for 177, 2.5yo ewes, $270 for 184, 4.5yo ewes, $210 for 213, 5.5yo ewes, and $145 for 140, 6.5yo ewes. They also sold 297 April/May-drop wooly wether lambs at $195.

In the 2.5yo line-up, PJ Lee, Kulkami, sold 96 Narcoota/Ridgway Advance-blds which made $280, and 392, 4.5yo ewes at $245, while CH, AM, DC& MJ Zadow, Galga, sold 50 Sandalwood Poll Merino-blds knocked down at $250.

Barjoe Pty Ltd, Karoonda, sold 237 4.5yo Lines Gum Hill-blds at $220.

HJ Sheldon, Pinnaroo, sold 78 April/May 2018/19-drop Gunallo-blds at $220. The vendor also sold 133 April/May 2020-drop ewes at $274, 90, 4.5yo ewes at $180 and 66, 5.5yo ewes at $170.

AM&AR Litchfield, Geranium, made $230 for 119, 4.5yo Lines Gum Hill-blds.

Topping the 5.5yo offering was Sandalwood Poll Merinos, Sandalwood, with 200 May/June 2016-drop ewes knocked down at $235, with the vendor also topping the 6.5yo offering, selling 230 May/June 2017-drop ewes at $200.

About 2500 lambs were offered in the sale, predominantly ewe lambs, with the line-up topped by Jax Joynt, Meribah, who had 185 April/May-drop Lines Gum Hill-blds knocked down at $225. NL&VM Singh, Alawoona, weren't far behind, selling 187 April/May-drop Lines Gum Hill-blds at $220, and another 187of the same age at $184.

Wether lambs topped at $180, for 175 April/May- drop Merino/Dohne lambs, by MJ, KR&RM Dowling, Mantung, while JK Pfitzner, Wanbi, made $176 for 343 Kamora Park-blds of the same drop.

Elders Lameroo livestock agent Jarryd Finch said while he hoped hogget ewes would make slightly higher prices than they did, the result was still pleasing.

"The older sheep sold exceptionally well, and I always thought at the back of my mind that they probably would, because of good demand and good quality," he said.

"People buy from here because they know the quality of stock on offer. The sheep sold well, but it was good buying value too."

Mr Finch said there was considerable support online from Elders Mildura and Elders Warracknabeal.

Nutrien Lameroo livestock agent Simon Aldridge said the large yarding - buoyed by the two dispersal sales - meant prices were a little back on last year, but older sheep still held well.

"The young ewes were about $10 behind the average last year, but we weren't far off doubling the yarding we had here last year, so people could afford to pick and choose a bit more," he said.

Mr Aldridge said lambs were "exceptional", with wether lambs in particular demand and making good money.

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