Mallee Merinos make $352 at Pinnaroo offshears

Mallee Merinos make $352 at Elders/Nutrien offshears sale


The Pinnaroo Saleyards' record for young ewes was again surpassed on Friday.


THE Pinnaroo Saleyards' record for young ewes was again surpassed during the Elders and Nutrien Ag Solutions offshears sale on Friday, where 4000 head was yarded.

Pen 1, featuring 164 August-shorn, April/May 2020-drop Gunallo-blood ewes from the Schroeder family, Gunallo, Pinnaroo, sold for $340 on AuctionsPlus, but it was pen 2 that set the new benchmark, with 164 April/May 2020-drop Kamora Park/Greenfields-bld ewes making $352 for DL&JF Dutschke, Karoonda, sold to Spence Dix & Co Naracoorte.

Daryl Dutschke was blown away by the price, after "never cracking the $300 mark before".

Also going beyond the $300 mark was Manya Pastoral, with its 108 April/May 2020-drop Gunallo-blds making $325 to Nutrien account Heintze, while KA&DK&NJ Hawthorne, Pinnaroo, sold 106 August-shorn April/May 2020-drop Springvale North/Glen Holme-blds at $310 to Elders Mildura, plus 83 more at $260 and 41 at $250, both to Nutrien Pinnaroo.

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Gunallo sold another pen of 66 at $285 to Nutrien Pinnaroo; PM&VL Heinrich, Pinnaroo, sold 93 August-shorn East Bungaree-bld 1.5yo ewes also at $285 to Nutrien Pinnaroo; while Manya Pastoral sold another pen of 107 younger June/July 2020-drop MPM-blds at $245 to BR&C Ouyen.

PJ Gilbertson, Parilla, also sold younger ewes, with their 64 August-shorn June/July 2020-drop Glenlea Park/Gunallo-blds making $270, sold to Spence Dix & Co Tintinara.

PM&VL Heinrich also sold breeding ewes, with their 196 August-shorn April/May 2019-drop East Bungaree-blds making $255 to Nutrien Loxton, while RJ&DM&LR&RJ Nuske, Panitya, Vic, sold 185 August-shorn April/May 2017-drop Hilton Heath-blds at $250.

Highgate Farms, Pinnaroo, sold the top price wether lambs, making $151 for 109 April/May-drop Gunallo-blds; the top crossbred lambs - 195 woolly mixed-sex April/May-drops making $145; and the top ewe lambs - 134 April/May-drop Gunallo-blds at $206.

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