Murray Bridge feature ewes climb to $326

Murray Bridge feature ewes climb to $326


A DECENT sized yarding sold to solid restocker interest at the Murray Bridge feature ewe sale on Friday, with prices well up on last year's sale.



Yarding: 6400

1.5yo ewes to $324

2.5yo ewes to $326

3.5yo ewes to $270

4.5yo ewes to $258

5.5yo ewes to $240

A DECENT-SIZED yarding sold to solid restocker interest at the Murray Bridge feature ewe sale on Friday, with prices well up on last year's sale.

Elders Murray Bridge livestock agent Scott Eichler was very happy with the sale, and said hoggets made good money, as did the mutton offering.

"We had a good lineup of older breeding ewes, they were probably the standout of the day and sold to good competition," Mr Eichler said.

"The quality of older ewes in particular was great, and the sale was probably $10 to $20 up on expectations, especially on those older ewes."

Nutrien Murray Bridge livestock agent Kevin Keller said quality was mixed through the sale.

"Some stock were showing that we had a bit of a tougher start to the season, and they hadn't caught up, but there were some really excellent genetics in the yarding for sure," he said.

Topping the sale were 186 Kamora Park-blood 2.5-year-old ewes from Morrell Holdings, Bowhill, knocked down at $326, with the vendor also making $190 for 97, 5.5yo ewes of the same bloodline.

In the hogget offering, Why Gee Pastoral, Karoonda, had 103 April/May 2020-drop Kamora Park-blds make $324, while Amerylla Props, Strathalbyn, sold 98 June-July 2020-drop Gunallo-blds at $314.

Morrell Farms, Bowhill, sold 99 April/May-2020 drop Kamora Park-blds at $308, while JF Williams had 74 March-April 202-drop Lines Gum Hill-blds knocked down at $304.

A line of 180 April-May 2020-drop Narcoota-blds from Swan Reach vendors WM&GC Fromm sold at $302, with JC&NS Bormann, Milendella, not far behind, making $298 for 58 Sherlock-blds of the same drop.

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KR&ML Thiele, Pompoota, sold 205 April 2020-drop Lucernbrae/Borung-blds at $296, with another 133 of the same drop making $248.

IE&CA Groth, Purnong, offered a large line of Sandalwood Poll Merino-blds, selling 70, 2.5yo ewes at $300, 90, 3.5yo ewes at $240 and 81, 4.5yo ewes at $208.

BJ&SJ Boughen, Borrika, offered 381 April/May 2018-drop Sandalwood Poll Merinos, of which 191 made $270 and 190 made $254.

Walker Flat vendor DJ Fromm & Son sold 138 April/May 2017-drop Sandalwood Poll Merino-blds at $258.

Heym Farms, Peake, made $252 for a pen of 108, 4.5yo Lines Gum Hill-blds, and also sold 140, 5.5yo ewes of the same bloodline at $200.

Local vendor JP&C Hein, Murray Bridge, sold 114, 4.5yo Ridgway-blds at $240, and also had 67, 5.5yo ewes knocked down at $200.

Other vendors making good prices in the 5.5yo offering included Batten Partners, Sherlock, selling 114 Babirra-blds at $240, AW Horstmann, Milendella, who made $230 for 109 Barton Hill-blds, and SJ Willison, Palmer, who sold 148 Kamora Park-blds at $224.

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