SE steers hit $2590 amid solid competition

SE steers hit $2590 amid solid competition


Consistent demand from feedlotters and local restockers triggered solid competition at Friday's monthly store cattle sale in Mount Gambier.


CONSISTENT demand from feedlotters and local restockers triggered solid competition on a smaller yarding of quality cattle at Friday's monthly store cattle sale in Mount Gambier.

Unable to get a look in on heavier steers, some buyers were pushed back to compete on the smaller, lighter classes of cattle, subsequently causing a domino effect and lifting prices across the yarding.

Processors weren't only buying the usual heavier steers this month, setting their sights on the mid-range classes as well. Smaller, lighter cattle reached rates well in excess of $7 a kilogram.

Miller Whan & John agent Scott Miller said the prices paid for Friday's yarding were fully firm to dearer on the June results.

"When heavy Angus steers consistently make over $5/kg, it's a pretty good outcome for an animal which isn't fat," he said.

Angus steers weighing 450kg-plus sold from $4.83/kg to $5.39/kg, while heavy coloured steers made $5.12/kg.

The 360-450kg Angus steers sold from $4.81-$5.71/kg, with 360-450kg coloured steers making $4.49-$5.23/kg. Angus steers from 320-360kg sold from $4.81-$5.91/kg, while coloured steers in the same weight range sold at $5.32-$5.80/kg.

Lighter Angus steers, 280-320kg, sold from $5.35-$6.37/kg, while coloured steers in this category made $5.30-$6.26/kg. Angus steers under 280kg sold from $5.71-$7.53/kg and coloured steers under 280kg sold at $6.20-$6.51/kg.

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Prices were robust from the outset, only dipping under the $2000 level twice across the first two races of Angus steers, and peaking at a top of $2590 or $5.29/kg when Thomas Foods International bought 10 Angus steers averaging 490kg from Heywood Flat, Heywood, Vic.

TFI dominated across the heavier cattle, buying 130 steers with weights between 350-520kg, including 13 European Union-accredited, Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System-eligible, Team TeMania-blood Angus steers, 484kg, from Wavehill, Tahara, Vic, for $2580 or $5.33/kg, and five 12-month-old, 515kg Angus steers from Manila Pastoral, Compton, at $2490 or $4.83/kg.

Pascoe Park, Mount Gambier, sold 24, 12-14mo, PCAS Angus and Angus-cross steers. The 469kg top draft sold at $2440 or $5.25/kg, and a 465kg second draft made $2480 or $5.29/kg, with both sold to TFI.

SR&CA Northcott, Merino, Vic, sold 20, 14mo, PCAS Angus-crosses weighing 465kg and a 464kg second draft to TFI at $2480 or $5.33/kg and $2460 or $5.30/kg, respectively.

Ardno, Strathdownie, Vic, sold two, 20mo Borderdowns-bld Angus steers, 465kg, at $2500 or $5.38/kg to Teys Australia.

Teys paid the top price per head for coloured steers, outlaying $2400 or $5.12/kg for a draft of five, 13-15mo Murray Greys weighing 469kg from WR&SK Saffin, Yahl.

Drumborg Pastoral, Drumborg, Vic, sold 16, 6-8mo, 154kg, PCAS Angus steers to PPHS for the top price/kg of $7.53/kg, equating to $1160/hd.

Kyama, Strathdownie, sold 25 PCAS, September/October-drop, Boonaroo-bld Angus steers, 215kg, to Elders Heywood at $1580 or $7.35/kg.

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AG Outtram, Heywood, sold 20, 15mo PCAS Angus steers, weighing 399-454kg, for an average of $2354. The 454kg heaviest draft was knocked down to Garrison Cattle Feeders at $2410 or $5.31/kg. Garrison also bought eight Angus steers, 460kg, from Lepmah, Millicent, at $2480 or $5.39/kg.

Elders Mount Gambier paid $1570 or $7.24/kg for a draft of 25 October-drop, PCAS, Ebony Beef-bld Angus steers from Wannon Pastoral, Wannon, Vic; and bought six Hereford steers, 249kg, at $1620 or $6.51/kg from Stone Hut.

D&A Laslett, Allendale, sold a draft of 20 Boonaroo-bld Angus steers, 244kg, at $1660 or $6.80/kg to O'Connor & Graney, and a 207kg second draft to Green Triangle Livestock at $1370 or $6.62/kg.

BS&DA Milstead, Kongorong, sold 29 PCAS, Morganvale-bld Herefords at $1860 or $6.26/kg to Kaicowrie, Wattle Range. The Milstead family also sold 22 PCAS, 14-16mo, Bra-Ma-bld Herefords averaging $1840, with Teys paying $1950 or $5.21/kg for the 374kg heaviest draft.

T Hunt & Son, Kalangadoo, sold 18 September/October-drop Angus-crosses, 266kg, at $1650 or $6.20/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson account Smith.

Only 27 pregnancy-tested in-calf females were sold, with the Stasiw family's 11 Hereford-Friesian heifers, PTIC to Angus bulls to calve from November to January, returning the top price of $2300.

Southern Beef, Heywood, sold two Shorthorn heifers, PTIC to Angus bulls, at $1740.

Heifer prices were stronger again, with the exception of the lighter heifers under 280kg, which were consistent with prices seen in the past two months. Heifers 450kg-plus made from $4.70-$4.86/kg; 360-450kg heifers made from $4.77-$5.07/kg; 320-360kg heifers sold from $4.29-$5.36/kg; 280-320kg heifers were $4.80-$5.61/kg; and heifers under 280kg made $4.30-$5.71/kg.

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Springbank, Mount Gambier, achieved the $2200 top heifer price of the sale - equating to $4.86/kg - for six Barwidgee-bld Angus heifers, 15-18mo and 453kg, sold to Garrison.

A herd dispersal for WR&SK Saffin saw 14 PCAS Angus and Angus-cross heifers, 12-14mo and 464kg, make $2180 or $4.70/kg to Creek Livestock, while a 413kg second draft made $1970 or $4.77/kg to Garrison.

DM&RJ Hermann, Meningie, sold nine, 8-9mo, 387kg Angus-cross heifers to Garrison at $1950 or $5.04/kg. A 294kg lighter draft sold at $1590 or $5.41/kg to Elders Lucindale.

Wattle View Holdings sold 15 Weeran and Barwidgee-bld Angus heifers, 9-10mo and 273kg, at $1560 or $5.71/kg to Miller Whan & John a/c Apsley.

JS&R Bowd, Strathdownie, sold 19 Angus heifers, 247kg, at $1410 or $5.71/kg to Elders Warrnambool.

Nacooma Estate, Casterton, Vic, sold 13 PCAS Glatz Black Angus and Taronga-bld Angus and Angus-cross heifers, 268kg, at $1520 or $5.67/kg to Nutrien Mount Gambier. A 264kg lighter draft of Glatz Black Angus and Tarooma-bld Hereford-cross heifers sold to Miller Whan & John at $1380 or $5.23/kg.

T Hunt & Son, Kalangadoo, sold 66 September/October-drop Angus and Angus-Limousin heifers weighing 225-324kg for an average of $1457. Miller Whan & John paid $1570 or $5.61/kg for a draft of 16, 280kg Angus heifers.

Glenesta, Drumborg, Vic, sold 18 Angus heifers, 12-15mo and 290kg, to Elders Geelong at $1610 or $5.55/kg.

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