Mt Gambier steers reach $2450 high

Mt Gambier steers reach $2450 high


A QUALITY yarding of heavier cattle had prices lift at Mount Gambier on Friday, but there was a chance to nab some lighter cattle as those fell cheaper on the previous month's prices.



Yarding: 2000

Steers to $2450

Heifers to $2070

Cows and calves to $3320

A QUALITY yarding of heavier cattle had prices lift at Mount Gambier on Friday, but there was a chance to nab some lighter cattle as those fell cheaper on the previous month's prices.

Elders Mount Gambier's Ben Gregory estimated heavy steers and heifers were up as much as 20 cents a kilogram on the May sale, while the middle run was "fully firm".

But he said lighter heifers, ready to go back to the paddock, were as much as 10c/kg cheaper than the previous sale, in part driven by the quality of the offering.

Mr Gregory said there was still good buyer support from restockers in the local region and feedlots, but not much outside of those areas.

O'Connor & Grady's Ethan Bronca agreed, saying the northern buyers of the past three to four months were missing this month.

He estimated heavy steers at 10-20c/kg higher, with some "outstanding" cattle offered.

But he said the quality of the lighter offering, as the season tailed off, meant lighter steers and heifers were back somewhat on previous markets.

The sale high was reached at $2450 for a pen of seven, 655 kilogram Angus steers from K&J Burston, Mumbanner, Vic, which equated to $3.74/kg.

IS Fox sold five, 14-month-old, 506kg Pasture-fed Cattle Assurance System-eligible Angus steers at $2440 or $4.95/kg, while Argyle Pastoral, Lake Mundi, offered 18, 22-24mo, 511kg grassfed steers at $2430 or $4.75/kg.

Glenford Partnership, Dartmoor, Vic, had six, 500kg Warrensville-bld Herefords make $2260 or $4.52/kg.

Benara Pastoral, Mount Gambier, had a substantial run of Coolana and Sterita Park-bloods, with the tops of these, a pen of 19, 14-16mo, 450kg, and a pen of 20, 447kg, each making $2240 or $4.98/kg and $5.01/kg, while a run of 15, 453kg, made $2220 or $4.90/kg.

The same vendor also had a run of 25, 12-14mo, 422kg steers make $1960 or $5.25/kg.

Powers Park, Hamilton, Vic, sold 16, 20-23mo, 430kg Angus steers at $2130 or $4.95/kg.

Roseneath, Millicent, sold seven, 409kg Herefords at $2000 or $4.89/kg.

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Borderdowns, Strathdownie, Vic, offered 15, 11-12mo, 323kg PCAS-eligible Ardrossan and TeMania-blds, which made $1720 or $5.34/kg, with another 15, 354kg, making $1860 or $5.25/kg.

McWimay, Keith, had 14, 329kg Lancaster-bld black Simmental-crosses make $1720 or $5.23/kg.

Sandilly, Keith, sold 10, 374kg Angus-Murray Greys at $1950 or $5.21/kg.

Forktree Pastoral Co, Dergholm, Vic, sold 22, 328kg April 2020-drop Mooar-bld Herefords at $1700 or $5.18/kg.

Greenbank, Mingbool, has 16, 311kg European-crosses make $1650 or $5.30/kg.

GT Trading, Millicent, sold seven, 314kg PCAS Herefords at $1710 or $5.44/kg, and another 10, 254kg, at $1420 or $5.59/kg.

Redgums, Nelson, Vic, sold 18, 295kg European Union-accredited Angus steers at $1720 or $5.83/kg.

RW&CA Ruediger, Wootong Vale, had seven, 282kg PCAS Taronga-bld Herefords sell at $1540 or $5.46/kg.

Kulka, Thornlee, had 13, 12mo, 357kg EU and PCAS TeMania-blds make $1870 or $5.24/kg, with another 16, 318kg, making $1790 or $5.63/kg.

In the lighter runs, Glencoe Run, Glencoe, made $1520 or $6.49/kg for 18, 7-9mo, PCAS Angus steers that weighed 234kg, as well as $1630 or $5.93/kg for another 17 at 275kg.

Telford Bros sold 14, 253kg grassfed Angus-crosses at $1500 or $5.93/kg.

TGH Bankes, Mount Gambier, had 10, 245kg Boonaroo-blds make $1490 or $6.08/kg.

Karowa, Allendale, had six, 10-12mo, 216kg Angus crosses make $1300 or $6.02/kg.

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Among the female offering, the top price was paid for 14, 11-13mo, 439kg PCAS Angus heifers from EWP&ER Jones, Mumbanner, which made $2070 or $4.71/kg, with the same vendor offering another 13, 418kg, which made $2020 or $4.83/kg, and a third run of 12, 373kg, sold at $1900 or $5.09/kg.

Roseneath offered 19, 339kg PCAS Angus, which made $1650 or $4.86/kg, while 16, 318kg black Simmental-crosses from McWimay made $1550 or $4.87/kg.

Glencoe Run had 18, 7-9mo, 263kg Angus crosses make $1390 or $5.28/kg, and another 18, 232kg, make $1250 or $5.39/kg.

B Moore, Dunkeld, Vic, sold six, 10-12mo, 289kg Hereford-crosses at $1490 or $5.15/kg.

GT Trading had 20, 286kg PCAS Herefords make $1460 or $5.10/kg.

There was a limited number of cows and calf units offered, with the top price paid for 18 Pathfinder and Woonallee-bld Simmental-Angus cows, with 19 calves at-foot from Corinda Downs, Mingbool, which made $3320.

An offering of 14 Hereford-Aussie Red heifers with Murray Grey-cross CAF from P Stasiw, Compton, Vic, made $2900.

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