Irrigation allocations to open at 100pc

Irrigation allocations to open at 100pc


SA irrigation allocations will open at the full 100 per cent.


SA irrigation allocations will open at the full 100 per cent for the 2021-22 water year.

SA Water Minister David Speirs said with favourable conditions across the Murray-Darling Basin and good levels of water in storage, irrigators can commence the new water year on 1 July with 100pc allocation.

"This is great news for the state's irrigators as it means they can begin the new water year with confidence and plan their business with the knowledge they will have access to 100pc allocation from day one," he said.

"Today's announcement is a positive turnaround from last year when widespread dry conditions saw opening allocations start at only 40pc.

"What we've experienced over summer is relatively mild conditions followed by decent rainfall across the Basin.

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"This has seen water in storages at a level much higher than we've had in June in recent years, including significant inflows into the Menindee Lakes, allowing us to start the 2021-22 water year in great shape."

Mr Speirs said as part of the state government's commitment to providing early advice to help irrigators manage their water, DEW has launched the SA River Murray Water Calculator.

"I encourage the state's irrigators to access the calculator and see how it may be able to help with their business planning," he said.

"Providing early advice and business tools like the calculator allows irrigators to make informed investment decisions around what they'll do with their crops and perennial plantings, and manage business certainty."


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