Smith delighted by double scholarship win

Smith delighted by double scholarship win


Mintaro's Ella Smith raked in the awards at the SA Sheep Expo last week, winning not one, but two of the highly sought-after scholarships on offer.


Mintaro's Ella Smith raked in the awards at the SA Sheep Expo last week, winning not one, but two of the highly sought-after scholarships.

Ms Smith had barely sat down after being presented as the recipient Heiniger Learner's Scholarship, before her name was called once again as one of the two winners of the Jamestown Show Experience scholarship.

Growing up on a mixed farm, Mount Rufus Props, with crops, cattle, sheep and vines, agriculture is something which has always been of interest to Ms Smith, and she is looking forward to heading in the ag direction in the future.

"Being on the farm has always been a lot of fun, and after doing my Personal Learning Plan at school, and seeing what Sheep Expo had to offer and winning these scholarships, I'm definitely thinking about going into ag as a career," she said.

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At times, Ms Smith has lent a hand in the shearing shed as a rouseabout, but she is keen for the Heiniger Learner's Scholarship to enable her to learn how to do the shearing itself.

"I cannot wait to give it a crack and learn all about it," she said.

As part of the win, the 15-year-old has received a Heiniger kit complete with a handpiece, combs and cutters, a pendulum, hollow gauge, oil can, brush, bag and singlet.

In the next twelve months, she will be required to undertake shearer and wool handler training, and compete in a shearing competition at a local show.

"There are a lot of local shows around, I will definitely try to go local just to really experience it all in my own area," Ms Smith said.

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She is also excited to head north as part of her Jamestown Show Experience Scholarship, where she will be required to work behind the scenes with the Sheep and Wool Committee assisting with sheep preparation and running of competitions.

"I haven't been to the Jamestown Show before, but I' know the ag side of it is really big, and it's a great ag area so I'm keen to have a look at what's there," she said.

"I'm so thankful that Heiniger and Jamestown and all the other scholarhsip providers have offered these great experiences for everyone, I'm really grateful to win."

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