Lambs to $274 at newly-upgraded Ouyen saleyards

Lambs to $274 at newly-upgraded Ouyen saleyards


Crossbred lambs sold to $274 at a newly-upgraded Ouyen Livestock Exchange in Vic on Thursday.


CROSSBRED lambs sold to $274 at a newly-upgraded Ouyen Livestock Exchange on Thursday.

Overall, 11,480 lambs and 2089 mutton were offered, totalling 13,569.

Lambs were $8-$12 cheaper, while mutton held firm to a little bit stronger.

Export-sized crossbred lambs sold from $210 to $274, or $7 a kilogram to $7.60/kg, with DJ&JM Goldsmith, Yarrara, Vic, receiving the top price for 88 head and $268 for 109 head.

Trade types made $143-$201 ($7.40-$8/kg), while store lambs sold from $31-$157.

Cureton Pastoral, Mildura, Vic, sold 47 crossbred lambs at $268 and another 86 at $250.

FE Pole, Torrita, Vic, sold 66 crossbred lambs at $267, while IB&S McVicar, Underbool, Vic, sold 31 at $265.

CRW Farms, Karrawinna, Vic, sold 75 crossbred lambs at $263; JP Browne, Gama, Vic, sold 34 at $250; and M Pohlner, Ouyen, 123 @ $248.

Heavy Merinos sold from $170-$248 ($7.50-$7.90/kg), while lighter Merinos made $90-$182 ($6.80-$7.80/kg).

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C&K Scholz, Taplan, sold 141 Merino lambs at $248; Heym Farms, Peake, sold 83 at $220; and Richwood Farms Nowingi, Vic, sold 165 at $226.

Heavy mutton sold from $180-$260 ($6.40-$7/kg), while light mutton made $120-$160 ($6.40-$7/kg).

G&D Brown, Underbool, sold 159 mutton at $260, while J&L Pryse, Torrita, Vic, sold 65 mutton at $245.

BJ Smith, Wentworth, NSW, sold 150 mutton at $215, while Farley Vale, Copeville, sold 24 at $204.

Dorper lambs were also offered, topping at $211 for 29 head from MGN Gibbins, Galah, Vic, while Glen-Ora, Ivanhoe, NSW, sold 20 at $210.

G&W Gaiter, Yelta, Vic, sold 20 Dorpers at $207, while J&M Beckmann, Murrayville, Vic, sold 53 at $201.

The next Ouyen sale is on April 29.

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