Red hot Strath prices lift on heavy cattle

Red hot Strath prices lift on heavy cattle


THE prices mimicked the hot weather at the store cattle sale at Strathalbyn on Friday, with strong bidding lifting returns for vendors.



Yarding: 1050

Steers to $1940

Heifers to $1860

THE prices mimicked the hot weather at the store cattle sale at Strathalbyn on Friday, with strong bidding lifting returns for vendors.

Nutrien Livestock Strathalbyn's Ben Dickenson said prices were firm or better than the previous sale.

"We seem to be breaking saleyard records each and every time we hold a sale," he said.

He said the quality of the yearlings was evident with very strong feedlot support throughout the top run of steers and heifers, while the well-bred background cattle also had good support from restockers looking to return to grass and finish.

Elders Strathalbyn's Danny Reynolds said prices remained "very, very strong", even compared to recent markets, that were also "strong enough".

"The prices are certainly not showing any signs of dissipating just yet," he said.

Buyers came from throughout the local area, Mid North, South East and even interstate from Vic and Tas.

Heavy steers in the 400 kilogram and above bracket sold from $4.50-$4.73/kg, those in the 360-400kg were $4.12-$4/73/kg; 300-360kg from $4.65-$5.11/kg and under 300kg sold for $4.93-$5.64/kg.

SR Scholz, Meadows, topped the steer portion with a pen of 11, 428kg December 2019/January 2020-drop Angus, which made $1940 or $4.53/kg.

High Gums, Kingscote, offered 18, 407kg May/June-drop Angus, which sold at $1920 or $4.72/kg, as well as 19, 361kg, which made $1710 or $4.55/kg.

A pen of 16, 400kg February/March-drop Boonarkm-blood Angus steers from Rangalea Props, Harrogate, made $1850 or $4.62/kg.

Nyoka Group sold six, 383kg March/May-drop Angus at $1790 or $4.67/kg.

Ball Pastoral Group, Littlehampton, sold nine, 395kg February/March-drop Angus at $1800 or $4.55/kg.

SJ&SF Collins had 12, 379kg February/March-drop Charolais, which made $1770 or $4.67/kg.

P&F Palma, Hahndorf, sold nine, 383kg Herefords at $1770 or $4.62/kg.

BM&BL Arthur sold 15, 385kg Pathfinder-bld Angus at $1770 or $4.60/kg as well as 16, 310kg at $1540 or $4.97/kg.

R Willing & J Furler, Strathalbyn, offered 15, 296kg March/April Pathfinder-bld Angus, which made $1540 of $5.38/kg.

Gordon's Building Services, Littlehampton, sold six, 297kg February/March-drop Angus at $1580 or $5.32/kg.

Bremso P/L, Strathalbyn, sold 16, 303kg May/June-drop Lancaster-bld Angus at $1550 or $5.11/kg, as well as a run of 15, 268kg, which made $1500 or $5.60/kg.

DJ&AR Edwards, Oakbank, sold 13, 300kg June/July-drop Angus at $1520 or $5.07/kg.

GR Box, Mount Compass, sold seven, 302kg May/June-drop Angus at $1510 or $5/kg.

Porky Flat Pastoral, Penneshaw, sold 19, 286kg May/June-drop South Devons at $1490 or $5.32/kg.

Hillcott Grove, Mosquito Hill, had six, 307kg August-drop Angus make $1540 or $5.01/kg, while three, 275kg June/July-drops made $1400 or $5.09/kg.

DK&DF Lush, Back Valley, sold 17, 276kg Red Angus steers at $1430 or $5.18/kg.

JR&JP Fisher, Second Valley, had nine, 265kg March/April-drop Boonarkm-bld Angus made $1390 or $5.25/kg.

RD,LP&DA Howard, Penneshaw, sold 13, 232kg July/August-drop Murray Greys at $1310 or $5.64/kg.

In the heifer offering, prices for those heavier than 360kg ranged from $4.10-$4.55/kg, those 300-360kg were $4.18-$4.83/kg and those under 300kg from $4.36-$5.55/kg.

The top price was achieved by 12, 437kg September/October 2019-drop Angus from KMK Pastoral, Strathalbyn, which made $1860 or $4.25/kg.

A pen of eight, 421kg December 2019/January 2020-drop Angus from The Woolshed, Ashbourne, made $1810 or $4.30/kg.

Lallawa Grazing, Meningie, sold 11, 373kg February/March-drop Angus, as well as seven, 387kg Angus-crosses, which both made $1700 or $4.39-$4.55/kg.

Porky Flat Pastoral sold 24, 325kg May/June-drop South Devons at $1570 or $4.83/kg.

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M McCallum sold two, 299kg March/April-drop Angus at $1410 or $4.71/kg.

GR Box had eight, 291kg May/June-drop Angus make $1390 or $4.77/kg.

JJ&AR Edwards sold 14, 290kg June/July-drop Angus at $1400 or $4.82/kg.

Hectorville P/L had seven, 231kg June/August-drop Angus make $1130 or $4.89/kg.

A Saturno Props, Strathalbyn, sold 18, 226kg April/May-drop Glen Fern-bld Angus at $1190 or $5.26/kg.

RD,LP&DA Howard sold 13, 214kg Murray Greys at $1100 or $5.14/kg.

Crawford Cattle Co, Mount Torrens, sold five, 200kg July/August-drop Angus at $1200, or $5.45/kg and another five, 225kg Murray Greys at $1110 or $4.93/kg.

There were limited numbers of cows with calves at foot, with a single Santa-Gertrudis-cross unit from D&N Hill, Finniss, making $2000, while five Angus-cross cows and CAF from NB Thorpe, Meadows, made $1720.

The next sale will be held on April 9.

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