Teachers have long-lasting impact on pupils

Business Buzz: Teachers have long-lasting impact




We all have people who have influenced us one way or another during our lives.


We all have people who have influenced us one way or another during our lives.

In many cases, the other person is blissfully unaware of the impact they have had. It could have been a passing comment they made, or that person may have had a lot to do with you. An example of the latter are teachers.

As I get older and reflect on this topic, I have fond memories of some of my teachers.

I think the common theme is that they saw something in me that I didn't realise was there. A bit of encouragement goes a long way.

Recently, I commented on a Facebook post that an old school friend had put up. A quick online conversation ensued, then out of nowhere, an old school teacher commented. I had not seen or heard from him since I left school in 1982, and it kind of turned into an online school reunion.

During the discussion, I remembered something he told me when I was in his English class in year 10. It was about story writing, and the piece I wrote got some positive remarks.

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I had never forgotten that, and subconsciously had tucked that away when I have been writing, either in this publication or any other piece of writing.

Fortunately, I can also touch type - we learnt on the old manual typewriters at school.

I still see my old typing teacher every year or so, and I thank her every time I see her, as I type almost every day.

Some other people may have picked up core skills in tech studies, home economics, art, or in a plethora of other subjects. The common theme is a teacher that inspired you, and by their enthusiasm they made your learning experience enjoyable.

For those that can still track down some of their old teachers, I recommend you do so. It will be quite a cathartic experience, and you will more than likely make their day as well.

When we are young, we are heavily influenced by those around us, whether we realise it or not.

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In my case, the vast majority of interactions were positive. But for other people, this is not the case, and the scars can run deep, and unfortunately for those people, it can have a negative impact on their lives.

As you get older you have a choice of what you take on board internally, and what you let go.

It can be difficult sometimes to let the pessimism go, but the rewards are tremendous for those that can master the art.

A quest for knowledge is an admirable trait, and we all need someone that sets off that inner spark that we spend the rest of our lives developing.

I think the ultimate success is when we as individuals turn into mentors and teachers for others. We don't have to formally be in a teaching role to do this.

Rest assured that most of us are having an effect on others, whether we know it or not. People are quite often watching from afar and quietly admiring what they are seeing.

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