Cherry Gardens fire: No livestock assistance requested

Cherry Gardens fire: PIRSA yet to receive requests for help with livestock

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PIRSA says it is yet to receive any requests for assistance with livestock from landholders affected by the Cherry Gardens fire.


While they are yet to receive any request for assistance with livestock from landholders affected by this week's Cherry Gardens fire, PIRSA staff have begun initial assessments to determine the effects of the fire on wildlife and domestic animals.

PIRSA State Commander Mehdi Doroudi said with the fire mostly burning in native scrub, the current focus is mainly on wildlife, with volunteers from the SA Veterinary Emergency Management and RSPCA, along with staff from the Department for Environment and Water, have begun assessing wildlife injuries and movements in the wake of the fire.

"While it seems that wildlife have predominantly been affected so far, this is still an active fire ground and as a result it will take some time for us to obtain a full picture of the impacts to both wildlife and the agricultural sector from this fire," Professor Doroudi said.

"So far, we haven't received any requests for assistance in regard to livestock from any of Sunday's fires, but are starting to receive information about injured wildlife in relation to the Cherry Gardens fire."

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But, he said as producers began returning to their properties, he warned the livestock outlook could change.

"With ash, embers and smoke still potential hazards for animals, we urge owners near to the fire ground to keep a watch on their animals and ensure water and food sources are clean," he said.

"Should injured wildlife be found on your property, please consider (where possible) taking these animals to your local veterinary clinic for assessment or contacting a licenced carer group for assistance. "

Livestock owners requiring assistance are encouraged to contact PIRSA on 1800 675 888.

Bushfire-related advice on caring for stock is also available at PIRSA's website.

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