Popularity jumps: what next for kangaroo meat?

Popularity jumps: what next for kangaroo meat?


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Kangaroo prices have hit a high, on the back of "consistent" international orders and growing domestic interest.

Processor Ray Borda, Macro Meats, says while kangaroo is still an industry in its "infancy", there is growing interest in its demand.

He says this has been helped along by a campaign to showcase the meat - and leather - in a helpful way.

"Some people are scared because they don't know how to cook it, but with a ready meal, all they have to do is heat it, and if they like it, they can learn to cook.

"And it's working."

As a result of a growing domestic market, kangaroo meat prices for harvesters have doubled in recent years to about $1.30 a kilogram, while the meat is often spoken about by healthy eating proponents for its leanness.

Mr Borda has also likened the growth in value, to that of beef, which recently hit a record high for the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator, hitting 844.75 cents/kg.

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