Horsham Border Leicesters sell to $6500

Border Leicesters were in demand at the annual Horsham show


NSW Border Leicester stud overcomes difficulties to take top price at Horsham show.

TOP PRICED RAM: The Gilmore's Baringa stud, Oberon, achieved top price, of $6500 with this ram.

TOP PRICED RAM: The Gilmore's Baringa stud, Oberon, achieved top price, of $6500 with this ram.

*15 out of 21 Border Leicester rams sold to $6500, av $3,817

The top priced ram, before the sale

Keeping rams on their NSW property, rather than taking them to Horsham, paid dividends for the Gilmore family's, Baringa White Suffolk, Border Leicester and Australian White stud, Oberon, NSW.

Principal Ian Gilmore said Baringa was the only one of the seven studs represented at Horsham's annual Border Leicester sale that didn't have a physical presence at the auction.

But that didn't prove a disadvantage when they sold the top-priced ram for $6500.

"It was a sale with a bit of a difference, to what we normally have," Mr Gilmore said.

"I sold to two new clients, so I was thrilled with our result."

The top priced ram was sold to Taronga Park Stud, Hynam, South Australia.

Described as a 108 kilogram medium wooled ram, it was sired by Baringa 17B040.

Mr Gilmore said he believed the buyers purchased the ram on the basis of its outstanding breed type.

"It's not an overfed ram, but structurally very, very sound with a great wool cover and presence," Mr Gilmore said.

"We have sold rams for more than that

"But, in the current market, we thought that was a very good result, given the fact people couldn't physically view our sheep."

Mr Gilmore said the stud worked very hard, trying to accurately present the sheep, through its videos.

Mr Gilmore said the rams were lighter, as he didn't think the sale was going to go ahead.

"We hadn't prepared them for a physical show and sale, which allowed us to present the rams in a more natural way, and show their 'doing' ability," he said.

"We are very happy with the result, we have completely sold out of Border Leicesters, at the moment, the Border Leicester market is going from strength to strength.

"It's a very good time to be breeding Border Leicesters."

The second top-priced ram, lot three, Bauer 322/1 sold for $6250.

The August 2019-drop ram weighed 126 kilograms, had an eye muscle depth of 45 millimetres, an eye muscle width of 93mm and an eye muscle area of 32.22.

He recorded a fat measurement of 10mm and had a 35.5 micron fleece.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Ray Attwell said the sale result was very pleasing, given the constraints of coronavirus.

Most vendors sold all their rams.

"Being a live auction, it made $200-$300 more per head - all the vendors were very, very happy that they weren't taking them back home," Mr Attwell said.

"They got more at the sale, than what they would have done at home."

Mr Attwell said it was important that the sale went ahead, despite the obstacles caused by the virus.

"It's important to hold our position for 2021, so people know what we are doing," Mr Attwell said.

"The results proved well worthwhile."

Rams went to properties and studs in western and northern Victoria, Gippsland, South Australia and NSW.

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