Ouyen crossbred suckers drop to $215

Ouyen crossbred suckers drop to $215


Store lamb prices held firm at Ouyen yesterday, but all other grades dropped up to $20.



Yarding: 15,156

Crossbred lambs to $215

Heavy Merinos to $184

Mutton to $228

STORE lamb prices held firm at Ouyen Livestock exchange in Vic yesterday, but all other grades dropped up to $20, while mutton was firm to $10 cheaper.

Overall 11,754 lambs and 3402 mutton were on offer, totalling 15,156.

New season crossbred lambs sold from $183 to $215 for exports, or $6.50 a kilogram to $7.20/kg; trade types were $148-$185 ($7-$7.80/kg); while stores made $139-$150.

The top money at $215 went to H&P Ferguson, Walpeup, Vic, for 82 crossbred lambs, while R&J Vallance, Ouyen, sold 52 at $211.

At $210, K&T Ryan, Manangatang, Vic, sold 102; M&M Farms, Carwarp, Vic, sold 24; and W Schultz, Mittyack, Vic, sold 40.

G&P Burns, Tempy, Vic, sold 67 crossbred lambs at $206, while Hannig/Ferguson, Walpeup, Vic, sold 50 at $204.

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Heavy Merinos sold from $164-$184 ($6.40-$6.80/kg), while light types made $125-$146.

Shannon Neyland, Werrimul, Vic, sold 39 old lambs at $228, while ALB Farms, Tempy, sold 17 at $196.

Heavy mutton sold from $148-$228 ($5.20-$5.50/kg), while lighter mutton made $107-$130 ($5.50-$6/kg).

T&Z Monaghan, Gama, sold 145 mutton at $228, while P&J Rogers, Miralie, Vic, sold 129 at $223.

J&P Heaslip, Trinita, Vic, sold 46 mutton at $216, while P&B O'Brien, Speed, Vic, sold 223 at $216.

Dorper sucker lambs were also offered, with Polia Pastoral, Pooncarie, NSW, selling 89 at $183 and WT Griffiths, Pooncarie, selling 50 at $180.

The next scheduled sale on October 29 will be the last for the year.

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