Controversial quad bike code comes into effect

Quad bike code comes into effect

New safety regulations regarding quad bikes have come into effect.

New safety regulations regarding quad bikes have come into effect.


New regulations regarding quad bike safety came into effect over the weekend.


THE NEW quad bike mandatory safety code has come into effect.

As of yesterday, October 11, 2020, all new and imported second hand quad bikes sold in Australia must meet a number of safety requirements.

These include being tested for lateral static stability, displaying the angle at which the quad bike tips onto two wheels on a hang tag at the point of sale, and carry a roll over warning label on the quad bike.

The owner's manual must also include roll over safety information.

Additionally, the quad bikes must be fitted with a spark arrester that conforms to the Australian or United States standard, and meet certain requirements of the United States or European quad bike safety standards.


These relate to equipment such as brakes, clutch, throttle, tyres, drive train, handlebars and foot wells, maximum speed capabilities and the provision of safety information through warning labels and hang tags.

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) said the safety requirements were a good thing for those using the vehicles.

"This first stage of the standard is a significant step in improving the safety of quad bikes in Australia, and addressing the extremely concerning rate of injuries and fatalities caused by quad bike accidents," ACCC deputy chair Mick Keogh said.

"Consumers will now be able to have confidence that quad bikes they buy will meet a certain level of quality and safety."

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