Crossbred lambs to $259 at Ouyen

Crossbred lambs to $259 at Ouyen


There was significantly stronger prices at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange on Thursday.


PRICES were significantly stronger at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange in Vic on Thursday, up to $25-$35 dearer across most grades of sheep and lambs.

On offer were 12,956 lambs and 3139 mutton, totalling 16,095.

Crossbred lambs sold from $218 to $259, or $7.60 a kilogram to $8.10/kg; trade types were $180-$218 ($7.90-$8.30/kg); while stores made $108-$140.

Achieving the top money at $259 were P&B O'Brien, Speed, Vic, with 164 head and H&P Ferguson, Walpeup, Vic, with 162.

The Fergusons also sold 80 head at $242, while the O'Briens also sold 157 crossbred lambs at $240.

Brown Ag, Underbool, Vic, sold 121 crossbred lambs at $255 and 152 head at $253, while R&J Vallance, Ouyen, sold 60 at $243.

K&T Ryan, Manangatang, Vic, sold 66 crossbred lambs at $242, as did A&N Hulland, Patchewollock, Vic, with 52 head.

Wegner Brothers, Karoonda, sold 44 crossbred lambs at $232; G&P Burns, Tempy, Vic, sold 41 at $227; while Oakalari, Pinnaroo, sold 59 at $226.

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Heavy Merinos sold from $184-$220, while light types made $108-$152.

K&T Ryan, Manangatang, Vic, sold 106 Merino sucker lambs at $220, while TN&PJ Gillbee, Balranald, sold 154 at $213.

Lynch Ag, Underbool, Vic, sold 145 Merino sucker lambs at $195; AJ&LM Mangan, Bambill, Vic, sold 91 at $177; while BF Gowers, Carwarp, Vic, sold 77 Merino sucker lambs at $174.

Heavy mutton sold from $163-$236 ($5-$6/kg), while lighter mutton made $100-$143 ($5.05-$6.20/kg).

Lyndon Park, Boinka, Vic, sold 82 mutton at $238, while I&J Marshall, Ouyen, sold 28 mutton at $232.

Dorper sucker lambs were also offered, with G Trower, Lameroo, selling 40 at $205 and Serenity Holdings, Meringur, selling 61 at $196.

The next scheduled sale is Thursday, October 15.

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