Cleve hogget ewes hit $270

Cleve hogget ewes hit $270


PRICES at the annual Cleve sheep market on Wednesday jumped to a high of $270, with the yarding of 5750 presenting well despite the tough season.



Yarding: 5750

1.5yo ewes to $270

2.5yo ewes to $217

3.5yo ewes to $202

4.5yo ewes to $186

5.5yo ewes to $184

Ewe lambs to $162

PRICES at the annual Cleve sheep market on Wednesday jumped to a high of $270, with the yarding of 5750 presenting well despite the tough season.

Elders Cleve livestock manager Mick Noble said the market was "quite solid", with most lines meeting or exceeding expectations.

"Good young ewes were in particular demand, anything joinable made the best money," he said.

While a large majority of the offering was sold to local buyers, Mr Noble said a few lots were sold to the Mid North, with the better end of the young ewes selling to the South East.

Processor support was also there for a few of the smaller lines of ewes.

Mr Noble said the the complete flock dispersal of Rudall's EGA Holdings was the "backbone of the sale", with their offering of 800 ewes topping the sale in most age groups.

"They were an outstanding lineup of breeding ewes and young ewes that sold to very good competition," he said.

EGA Holdings achieved the sale's top price with the very first pen on offer, with a line of 165 Aug-shorn, April/May 2019-drop Morley-blood ewes making $270.

The vendor also sold 181, 2.5yo ewes at $217, 162, 3.5yo ewes at $202, 170, 4.5yo ewes at $186 and 119, 5.5yo ewes at $184.

DJ&RL Macgowan, Deloshanda Merino and Poll Merinos, Darke Peak, also made impressive prices on a large lineup, including 150, 1.5yo Deloshanda-blds at $230, 207, 4.5yo ewes at $178 and 118, 5.5yo ewes at $180.

Pendeen Trust, Rudall, nabbed the second-top price for ewe hoggets, making $241 for 100 April/May 2019-drop Moorundie Park-blds, and also sold a line of 190 wether lambs at $120.

TD&KA Kaden, Cleve, made $230 for 48, 1.5yo Morley-blds, and also had 116 April/May-drop woolly wether lambs knocked down at $129.

A line of 155, 1.5yo Glenville-bld ewes from RJ Norris, Cowell, made $214, while DH Turnbull & Co, Cleve, were not far behind, making $200 for 180, 1.5yo White River-bld ewes. They also sold 266 April/May 2015-drop ewes at $164.

Wiseman Pastoral, Lock, also made $200, for 111 June/July 2019-drop Greenfield-bld ewes.

Fellow Lock vendors MR&S Zacher sold 37, 1.5yo Moorundie-bld ewes at $190, and also sold 109, 4.5yo ewes at $180.

JD&MS Masters, Wharminda, had a pen of 141, 3.5yo Nantoura-bld ewes knocked down at $186, a pirce also made for 221, 3.5yo White River-bld ewes from Ebavale, Darke Peak.

RG&CS Hannemann, Cleve, sold 91, 5.5yo Calcookara-bld ewes at $144, as well as 37, 5.5yo Morley-bld ewes at $110.

JP&KK Beinke , Cowell, made $170 from a line of 50, 2017/18 drop Morley-bld ewes, while JW&EL Calliss, Arno Bay, offered 331 April/May-drop Morley-bld ewe lambs which sold at $162.

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GA&JA Carr, Lipson, sold 375 April/May-drop woolly wether Brenalta-bld lambs at $125, while WD&RH Elson, Cleve, made $124 for 165 April/May-drop wethers and $120 for 106 ewe lambs of the same age.

MA&JC Horne, Verran, had a pen of 208 Suffolk/Merino May/June-drop ewe and wether lambs knocked down at $128, and also nabbed $120 for 121 Morley-bld May/June drop wether lambs.

A line of 307 May/June-drop Collandra-bld wether lambs from Hillsea Station, Sheringa, made $108.

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