Entrants dressed to impress in virtual 'calf' classic

Entrants dressed to impress in virtual 'calf' classic

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Check out the virtual Calf Classic entries.


SOME impressive creative skills have been on display in the form of the virtual "Calf Classic" entries sent in, in response to our recent call-out.

While most have chosen to partner with a calf, it was also great to see an entry take up the option to dress up with their canine friend.

The final results were some quality costumes that had the judging team of the Stock Journal editorial staff struggling to pick a winner.

In the end, we have gone with "Fred Flinstone and Dino", as depicted by Samuel Schutz, Joanna, and his Jersey heifer as the winner, with Hannah McArdle, Back Valley, and her super pairing in second - in part as acknowledgement of the effort that must have been involved in putting tights on a calf.

But - as cliche as it sounds - the remaining entries certainly qualify for an honourable mention, with some skills and planning on display.

Thanks to all those who took the time to enter and we hope it gave you a fun project while at home at the start of September.

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