Ouyen sucker lamb prices improve

Ouyen sucker lamb prices improve


New season sucker lambs were firm to $5 dearer at Ouyen, Vic, on Thursday.


NEW season sucker lambs were firm to $5 dearer at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange, Vic, on Thursday.

G Munro, Ouyen, sold the top price suckers - 26 at $159, while Downdale Pastoral, Speed, Vic, sold 72 at $158, as did Hall Farms, Mittyack, Vic, with 40 head.

Export crossbred sucker lambs sold from $141 to $159 or $5.50 a kilogram to $6/kg; trade types made $123-$147 ($5.80-$6.60/kg); while store/lighter weights made $61-$120.

D&H McGregor, Ouyen, sold 41 crossbred sucker lambs at $155, while F Stone, Torrita, Vic, sold 30 at $152.

Erhardt Partners, Galah, Vic, sold 28 crossbred sucker lambs at $151, while DJ Kay, Ouyen, sold 90 at $150.

GW Pickering, Kulwin, Vic, sold 57 sucker lambs at $144, while S&M Rudd, Meringur, Vic, sold 64 at $142.

A total of 5477 head were offered - an increase on the 4752-head yarding at the previous sale.

Older crossbred lambs sold either side of firm, with B&C O'Callaghan, Ouyen, receiving $172 for 76 head.

D&J Goldsmith, Yarrara, Vic, sold 101 older crossbred lambs at $168, while G&P Burns, Tempy, Vic, sold 27 at $166.

KP&PI Kelly, Werrimull, Vic, sold 30 older crossbred lambs at $165; MUT, Tempy, sold 51 at $157, as did Marshall Partners, Ouyen, with 26 head.

K&T Ryan, Kulwin, sold 168 Merino lambs at $175, while D&K Prizibilla, Parrakie, sold 27 at $172.

Mutton sold $10-$20 dearer, with heavy weights making $128-$175 ($4.60-$5.40/kg), while lighter types made $51-$128 ($4.80-$5.70/kg).

A&L Jackson, Patchewollock, Vic, sold 187 mutton at $170, while N&K Watson, Murrayville, Vic, sold 38 at $160 and I&M Eckermann, Sandalwood, sold 20 at $160.

Dorper lambs were also offered, with M&C Heintze, Murrayville, selling 53 at $145; while CJ Barnes & Sons, Menindee, NSW, sold 28 also at $145.

The next scheduled sale is Thursday, September 3.

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