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ROYAL REWIND: Check out this collection of beef champions and identities from the Royal Adelaide Show.


IT seems weird to think about it now, but the early years of the beef competition at the Royal Adelaide Show, it was nowhere near as big as it is now.

Breeds were also in short supply, with pretty much just Poll Herefords and Shorthorns, with no signs of Angus and the powerhouses they would soon become in the competition.

Over the years, more and more breeds were introduced, with the competition becoming a massive event on the RAS calendar - as it evident by the size of this gallery.

As well as the stud bulls, heifers and cows, this beef competition also includes the steer competition - both on-hoof and on-hook, which remains incredibly competitive.

We've gone through the Stock Journal and Royal Adelaide Show archives to bring you this massive collection from ringside at the beef cattle judging.

You can also view the RAS archives at rahshistory.com.au.

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