Hardworking dogs celebrated | PHOTOS

Hardworking dogs celebrated | PHOTOS

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IT IS clear from looking through this collection that working dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and perform many important duties throughout the day.


Working dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and perform a whole range of tasks.

They're either in the ute, on the back of the bike, or on the front of the bike, but they're never too far away unless you've told them to be 'way back'.

They're dusty or covered in mud, but they've got your back.

And sometimes you just need your dog by your side for some company as a fresh, chill wind blows across whatever task you've set yourself for the day.

When it comes to workers, you know who'll be last standing.

Today has been declared International 'Take Your Dog to Work Day', and while that is everyday for farmers - and those working from home - we've put together a collection of your photos of dogs at work to celebrate the occasion.

Take a scroll through and see just some of the hard-working dogs from all across SA - and Australia-wide.

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