Seven reasons why an electric ATV is essential for farming

Seven reasons why an electric ATV is essential for farming

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Here are seven good reasons you should consider an electric ATV when buying your next on farm vehicle.


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For most Australian farmers their All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Quad Bike are considered to be as essential to their operation as the ute or tractor.

We live on harsh country - typically it's tough, dry and hilly - but If you're going to run a successful operation, you need to be able to get every corner of your property, no matter how far flung it may seem.

You need an ATV that you can count on. One that will get the job done. Something that is high quality and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to run.

That's why more and more producers are turning to electric vehicles to fill that void and EMC is fast becoming one of the most popular brands.

EMC offers a unique point of difference in their ATVs, Marketing & Administration Coordinator Leah Liddy explained, adding that all farmers should consider going electric next time they buy a new vehicle.

Here are her top seven reasons you should consider the EMC ATV range next time you upgrade:

1. There is less noise with an electric option

The quietness of the two electric battery motors in our Explore range allows you to cruise along without the uncertainty of noise, she explained.

Therefore, you can have the knowledge that your day out the farm will be quiet and peaceful as well as productive.

Research has also shown noise pollution can have a significantly negative effects on the human body and affect our overall health.

Factors such as chronic disease and mental health issues due the disruptive noises that traditional combustion engines make can have long term damaging effects to our health.

2. The size of the ATV 

The size and agility of the Explore range is a real advantage on the ground and will help with your day to day operations, Ms Liddy said.

The compactness of the vehicle as well as its ground clearance feature makes it a more agile option, regardless of the terrain, making more trials a possibility.

Compared to a traditional 4 x 4, there is a sizable difference in that this is a tiny vehicle to operate. The two wheel drive and four wheel drive adapt to your terrain.

With high clearance as a standard four wheel drive on the range we offer at EMC, the miniature vehicle can whip in and out of the rocky, muddy, rough terrain as well as giving you the freedom you want for your day in nature and the farm or your rocky outdoor site.

3. Customisable options with the range

At EMC we offer a level customisation that is not typical in the marketplace. When properly utilised, this can be a big advantage, Ms Liddy explained.

While many people do take the standard option - because let's face it: it's an awesome vehicle and looks badass! - we also have a number of optional extras.

You can easily add winches, weathered covers, high pressure cleaners, water tanks, tow bars, trailers, roll bars, Rapid Spray products (such as weed sprayers) and much, much more. We recently joined forces with Rapid Spray and couldn't be happier about it. EMC can now provide any Rapid Spray product you require to maximise the usability of the EMC ATV.

If you would like a logo of your farming on the vehicle, this can be achieved with us, as well as a range of colours available. To make it an even more authentic experience, we have camouflage colours available too, so you can blend in with your environment.

At EMC we believe that anything is possible! So, if you have request, we do our best to accommodate it.

4. No fumes with an electric option/zero tailpipe emissions

There are real environmental benefits of using an electric vehicle over a traditional internal combustion engine, Ms Liddy explained.

The lack of fumes, for example, is a definite advantage to the user, on both their health and the environment.

With EMC, you can rest assured just that because your engine doesn't have that 'traditional sound' and smell that you're used to, it still packs a powerful punch. The batteries we supply (traditionally) are lead acid.

Other battery options are also available if you have different preferences or require maintenance free options. This allows you to 'do your thing' with plenty of range and power to get the job done.

5. ATVs are fun... really, really fun! 

Whilst there are obviously safety concerns that need to be considered and accounted for whilst using an ATV, they're undeniably fun!

Whatever your activity, this all-terrain option brings joy to the user, especially in the camo colour!

They're great for the lone adventurer - even if you don't have a farm and want a recreational vehicle - or for the adventurous family that love making memories together.

At EMC we have four seaters available in the short tray utility option, allowing you to maximise family fun!

6. Versatility of the range

Due to the makeup of the vehicle itself - combined with the tyres the capabilities - the potential of the Explore range is endless, Ms Liddy says.

Its compact all-terrain nature is capable of accessing areas where traditional utility vehicles and trucks just can't go. The ATV makes access easy in all sorts of settings, whether it's farming for cattle or navigating rolling fields.

Our vehicles also offer storage options, so you can get the gear you need to where you need it, whilst making it easier to unload while you're on the go.

Allowing the ability on your vehicle for storage gives you freedom to move far and wide on you farm. If you enjoy hunting you can go further in any terrain due to the capability of the EMC ATV range.

7. Handling and maintenance 

These off road buggies handle great in all sorts of situations thanks to their independent suspension, Ms Liddy explained, they're extremely manoeuvrable.

They combine the compact nature of the vehicle and factors such as tight spaces into impressive handling ability for any terrain.

Due to the electric component of the vehicle, they're also easy to maintain and cost less over time, provided you look after them.

As long as you are keeping the battery maintained and the tyres in check, these vehicles have a long life span.

They're simple in design and mechanics, so don't have to worry about something going wrong with your vehicle. We also offer a range of maintenance free battery options for your preference.

So there you have it... 

The versatility of EMC's ATV range is unprecedented and there is plenty to discover with them, both figuratively and literally.

They handle well, they're efficient, cost effective, easy to maintain and good on your health as well as your wallet and the environment.

Click here to find out more about their farming utility vehicles and other ranges available. EMC currently have some great deals on offer so contact them directly via this contact form.

EMC also has an exciting new range of Alke Electric Vehicles, which feature a great farming utility option, such as a traditional farming utility and a three way tipper option. Find out more here on their latest updated website.

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