Is the new NRM system the best option for regions?

Is the new NRM system the best option for regions?


Will the new Landscape Boards SA get the job done?


AFTER years of discussion, the former Natural Resource Management Boards are being replaced by the new Landscape SA system from July 1.

The eight regional NRM boards will be replaced with nine new regional landscape boards, which are hoped to provide communities and landholders a greater voice in NRM.

The state government is claiming the new systems will remove the power from city-centric bureaucracy and allow regions to spend levies to meet their own specific needs, but the Opposition is saying all the changes are "purely cosmetic".

Newly-appointed Limestone Coast Landscape Board presiding member Kerry DeGaris says this is "an opportunity not to be squandered" to make autonomous decisions in the best interest of their communities.

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New bill to overhaul NRM in SA

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