The girl who was a pro-snapper in just a few months

Romy Bennett's photography grabs attention after just a few months behind the camera

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Romy Bennett has uncovered a photography talent in just a few months. Photos: Romy Jean Photography

Romy Bennett has uncovered a photography talent in just a few months. Photos: Romy Jean Photography


Her photos are already being hung on walls.


When Romy Bennett turned 30 little did she know the milestone celebration would also herald the beginning of a brand new talent.

Far from a midlife crisis, Romy had been hiding an eye for photography that many professionals would envy.

Romy Bennett.

Romy Bennett.

The agriculture science graduate who boasts a resume with stints as an agriculture teacher, work with a cutting horse trainer and at a livestock nutrition company.

Not only is she well travelled at work but Romy has friends and family right across the country having being born in South Australia and now living in Cowra.

Romy always had a love for taking photos of livestock on her phone and had pledged to treat herself with a digital camera for her 30th birthday in December.

"...but my partner got me one (a Nikon D6600)," she said.

"Then I ended up doing a Chantel Renae photography workshop last year and I've really only been using a proper camera for the last few months"

Since then Romy has established what she calls a candid livestock documentary style of photography and captured shots of livestock big and small either during her own work commitments or on her friends and family's properties.

She has attracted a loyal following on social media and people have already begun hanging her captures on their walls.

It is quite a surprise to the girl who was once embarrassed by her work and opted to keep her identity a secret.

"I was kind of a bit surprised by the response to be honest, quite a few people reached out," she said.

"At first I didn't want to put my name to it because I was pretty embarrassed about them.

"Even when I first made the page I didn't put my name on it because I didn't want people to know it was me.

"I lived in South Australia then near Albury where the horses are and now I'm up in Cowra so all my family and friends are so spread out and I ended up sending them photos and they kept saying you should just share them so I kind of did it for my family.

"I thought see what happens but I can't believe the feedback."

Romy now wants to expand her subject matter to people and has been practicing on children at the properties she works on.

"I've just been practicing on animals, trying to get my eye in before I actually hit people up," she said.

"But I took some of the kids the night before and they're going to go practice again tonight and they love it.

"They're just so much fun because they think it's just the greatest thing."

Not only has Romy captivated audiences with her work but the new passion for photography has personal benefits too.

"It's very calming," she said.

"I can get a bit anxious with work and everything can be a bit much sometimes so it's good to just go and relax with my camera really.

"I only just ordered by first lens the other day because I thought I should probably do something in that space if I'm actually going to take photos of people."

Romy edits her photographs through Adobe Lightroom.

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