Mortlake light steers to 591c/kg as prices reach another level

Mortlake light steers to 591c/kg as prices reach another level


Prices at Mortlake were the highest seen at the venue as buyers clamoured to fill orders..


A large gallery of buyers present in the laneways with the support of online bidding saw prices hit 591 cents a kilogram in a generally dearer market.

There were 103 buyers present, plus those on AuctionsPlus, but as distinct from the previous sale when about a third of the yarding was bought online, this sale they could not compete with the physical presence.

As well as a swathe of commission buyers there was a large number of buyers chasing small numbers who had to meet the market or go home empty handed

Agents yarded nearly 5000 cattle, despite transport of some cattle being hampered by heavy rain.

Across all categories the 3375 weighed cattle averaged 401c/kg or $1456 a head.

Competition came from processors, a large number of feedlotters, heavy support from northern areas and strong bidding from western Victorian interests.

Associated agents president Alister Nash said it was a "great run of quality cattle".

He said the grown steers section topped at 434c/kg, with the majority making between 380-420c/kg.

One of the features of the sale was the large offering of weaner steers that topped at 494c/kg with the bulk of making between 430 and 470c/kg on average.

A great run of open auction cattle topped out at $1300 or 591c/kg, he said.

Grown heifers sold to a top of $1970 with the annual draft of Chas and Cass Kimpton's, Toora West. The 18-19 month old heifers, Rennylea and Banquet blood, made to 452c/kg. The tops went to a local account in a wing of seven pens totaling 134 head that averaged 409kg, coming in at $1851. The heifers will form the purchaser's new autumn-calving herd.

Repeat buyer, Wimmera Downs, bought two lines of the Toora West heifers totaling 133 head, paying to 429c/kg or $1909.

Mr Nash said the bulk of the grown heifers made between 380-410c/kg on average. The weaner heifers sold very well today as they topped out at 472c/kg with the majority making between 390-430c/kg.

Angus cows and calves sold to a top of $3000 with the balance making $2200-$2600.

Black pregnancy-tested-in-calf females topped at $2000.

The yarding also comprised cross-bred steers with the best fetching 380c/kg, and the balance making between 320-360c/kg.

Rob and Georgie Greig, Eulo Pastoral, Caramut, sold steers and heifers with the top steers weighing 482kg selling for 422c/kg or $2037.

Eight steers sold account Rifle Ridge Beef, weighed 442kg and sold for 424c/kg or $1900.

A run of steers sold account Mount Eccles Estate came forward with the top pen of 40, weighing 381kg, making 434c/kg or $1655.

A pen of 49 steers account JHW Paterson was best presented pen of steers. The cattle were 9-10 months, Vermont blood, 348kg, sold for 440c/kg or $1535. The second run of 40, 305kg, sold for 453c/kg or $1383 while a smaller line of 11, 407kg, made 432c or $1761.

A pen of 11 steer weaners sold account J & H Wale, 8-9 months, weighing 270kg, sold for a top of 475c/kg, or $1286.

Tops of the weaner steers per head was a pen of 11, aged 10-11 months, that made $1539, or 431c/kg on 357kg.

A consignment from Chocolyn Farms sold to a top of 438c/kg or $1268, on weights of 289kg.

Tops of the heifer weaners on a liveweight basis was a pen sold account the breeder comprising 10, aged 11-12 months, 218kg, that sold for 472c/kg or $1031.

Tops of the unweighed steers at $1400 was a pen of 20, 10-12 months, sold account GP & EA Shalders.

Feature of the unweighed steers was the consignment from Moyne Falls, September/October drop.

The run sold to a top of $1300 for 38 with an average weight of 247kg or 524c/kg.

Equal on a per head basis was a draft of 105 that weighed an average 224kg, or 581c/kg.

Another draft from the same vendor sold for $1300 and on weights of 220, topped out at 591c/kg. One buyer also paid $1170 for a draft or 585c/kg for steers weighing about 200kg.

Of the unweighed heifers the top was $1200 for a pen of 14, 8-10 months, sold account Anders.

Arrandale Estate, Ballarat, dispersed its herd with the top pen of cows with calves at foot selling for $3000. A pen of 23 mixed age cows, weighing 675kg, PTIC, sold for $1950.

Alister Nash talks about the strong Mortlake sale.

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